Kidney Diet Secrets

For the patients who suffer from kidney diseases, it is recommended to include step by step in the menu products that have a natural diuretic effect. Among these products are a pumpkin, zucchini or cucumbers, as well as beets, and any leafy salads. Salads made from raw vegetables, fresh fruits are wonderful too. Always for the patients with kidney problems food should be strictly dosed and fractional – all daily rations should be divided on, at least, five or even better six receptions.

Total daily intake of fluid (this is very important!), not counting the various soups, cannot exceed the mark of 800 or a maximum of 1000 ml per day. By the way, more about the right and healthy food for kidney disease, you can learn from the guide by Rachelle Gordon.

Products, which should be mandatorily excluded:

  • Any of colored carbonated beverages, any alcohol, and its mixtures.
  • Baked bread, as well as the black bread.
  • Absolutely all too salty, too spicy and acidic foods.
  • Meat as well as fish or mushroom strong broths.
  • Almost any fatty fish or meat, and poultry as well.
  • Legumes, onions, garlic, sour sorrel, any mushrooms, both savory and pickled vegetables are banned too.
  • Chocolate, overly strong coffee, or any products containing cocoa.

Foods that are recommended for patients with kidney disease:

Salt-free bread and dried flour products – at the same time, bread should be protein-free, possibly white bran.

Soups are allowed, but strictly vegan with any, not too acidic vegetables, cereals, pasta or else. These soups should be prepared without salt, without frying and refueled exclusively with butter.

Lean meat or poultry are allowed too. These products are essentially forbidden only for the first two weeks of intensive treatment of the kidney. And, in the future, almost any meat (very low-fat varieties) is also allowed, if boiled. During the remission, it is allowed to use the boiled meat, followed by its mild roasting, preferably chopped or sliced.

Fish of any low-fat varieties are fully permitted, but only boiled or in the pre-baked form.

Eggs are allowed – no more than a maximum one or two eggs per day. Eggs are allowed to be consumed in the form of steam protein omelets or scrambled.

Milk and all dairy products are fully permitted – it is desirable to give preference to milk, milk drinks, and cottage cheese in a natural way or prepared as a casserole or pudding. However, all of this should be limited.

The vegetables and herbs are allowed, which are first of all potatoes, and carrots, as well as beets or cauliflower. It is allowed the use the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, and dill. All vegetables should be consumed boiled or completely fresh.

Fruits and some sweet dishes are permitted – preferably use fruits and berries only boiled or fresh. Most recommended for kidney disease products is watermelon or cantaloupe. From sweets you can eat fruit purees, various jellies, mousses, cooked starch; sugar and honey, jam, or jams are allowed.

It is acceptable to eat cereals and pasta – although those should be limited. Some snacks are allowed too – for example, cheese (but only mild and not overly salty). I wish you to have good health! Thank you for attention!

Kidney Diet Secrets by Rachelle Gordon

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