How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye

For many, the word “insulin”, pronounced by a doctor, is associated with despair. “This is the end,” is carried in your brain. “Now you can not get off the needle.” And before his eyes, there is a bleak picture of painful and terrible injections. I understand, but please, take yourself in hand and carefully read the guide by Denise Lorraine. She has learned from personal experience that you can live without insulin if you eat a certain diet, and also lead an appropriate lifestyle.

More information you will learn from her manual. If a person suffers from type 2 diabetes, sooner or later he will be assigned insulin. All people suffering from diabetes sooner or later will receive insulin. This is normal. You need to be ready for this. And it’s good because it allows us to prolong life and improve its quality. But how to determine who needs insulin, when and why?

Insulin is prescribed in the absence of compensation for diabetes. That is if it is not possible to achieve the target of blood sugar using tablets, proper nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Most often, the purpose of insulin is associated not so much with the violation of the recommendations of doctors, but with the depletion of the pancreas. It’s all about its reserves. What does this mean? In the pancreas, there are beta cells that produce insulin.

Under the influence of various factors, the number of these cells decreases every year – the pancreas is depleted. On average, depletion of the pancreas occurs after 8 years from the diagnosis of “Type 2 Diabetes”. Factors contributing to the depletion of the pancreas: high blood sugar; High doses of drugs for the treatment of the pancreas; Non-standard forms of diabetes. I really hope for your success in the fight against diabetes, dear readers. Be always healthy and happy!

How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye by Denise Lorraine

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