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A person sick with diabetes has a problem with the functioning of their pancreas. Either it doesn’t produce enough insulin or the insulin it does produce is inadequate. In America, diabetes tops the charts of illnesses, and the average age of those afflicted with diabetes is slowly going down.

What causes diabetes?

Every specific case of diabetes has a unique, individualized causation factor. But, it is impossible to get diabetes through an air-born virus.

Very often, people assume that the cause of diabetes is simply the consumption of too much sugar. Does this opinion have any scientific basis? Specialists note that most often, the people who are drawn to sweet tea and pastries are simply overweight, obese, and inactive. However, the excess weight is seen as a primary factor of risk for diabetes and is called the first reason for diabetes.

An equally widespread reason for diabetes is genetics: a predisposition to diabetes is much higher among relatives who have the disease. Combined with other factors, the risk rises to 80%!

Among the reasons for diabetes, it is important to consider the endocrine glands. As a result of pancreatitis, cancer, or other mechanical traumas of the pancreas and other such parts of the body, the pancreas stops generating insulin as it usually would. In fact, a typical cold or flu can lead to diabetes if the above factors are present.

The disease can also be caused by weakness in the body, caused by stress! Anyone of these negative aspects can become the reason for diabetes developing in a thick, older person. Do you want to find out how you can cure diabetes at home? Read Matt Traverso’s book “Reverse Diabetes Today” right now. It states a unique method for curing diabetes without the help of doctors.

Unfortunately, time is not the friend of a person who has a predisposition to diabetes. With age, the risk of getting diabetes increases. Statistics show that the number of those sick with diabetes (above the age of 50) increases by 200 percent every decade.

We see that there are several reasons for getting sick with diabetes. Combining a predisposition to diabetes with harmful bodily effects leads to the destruction of the pancreas and creates the disease. It is very rare to have a hormonal imbalance that leads to diabetes, without these factors, however, it is possible if the person experiences an allergic reaction to a medicine or abuses alcohol consumption.

Knowing the causes of diabetes and the risk factors that lead to the diagnosis of “diabetes” leads us to preventative measures. Doctors recommend that you watch your weight, don’t physically overexert yourself, and get regular preventative checkups. In this way, the causes of getting the disease will simply remain as risk factors.

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