Lean Bells

Exercises with weights helping to increase muscle endurance, develop their power, help to build muscle and burn fat. Costs for training with weights and space usage for training is minimal. You can do them at home or in the yard at any time. You do not need anything else except a couple of weights.

Training with weights is not universal, but they fit perfectly into any training program. Nowadays are available weights with 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 kilograms. The weights can be used for such standard exercises as bench press, bending arms at the elbows, some of the exercises with the traction in the slope.

Their uniqueness as sports equipment is in the fact that they can be used during “plyometric exercises”, for example, through such exercises as the tug on the arm’s length, a variety of swings and pushes. By the way, recently is published a unique fitness system of exercises with the help of weights “Lean Bells” by Gavin Walsh. You cannot find a better method if you want to be in shape.

During plyometric exercises, a person does a maximum number of repetitions, for the growth of the body mass person uses maximum weights and the number of repetitions is usually small. High-intensity workouts with weights are perfect for fat loss. However, it should be accompanied by a certain diet. The center of gravity is shifted in weights, for example, it makes the body use more muscle stabilizers then kettlebells.

While weights are moving faster, they are developing a momentum that is useful to learn how to extinguish. Weights have recently become popular in the United States of America, and then worldwide. Many US military units, including Special Forces, are using weights for the preparation of their fighters.

“What makes training with weights so effective?“. Glad you asked. First, plyometric exercises with weights such as lifting weights up and down, tug on outstretched arms, leap into the rack and push above the head, training body muscles in your body to work cohesively as a unit. If you are practicing track and field sports, it will be very useful for you to have the ability to use this kind of power using the whole body.

Also, the power that you develop with the help of all the bodybuilder’s favorite exercises like bending arms at the elbows and pull the pole down on rope simulator, will not give you an advantage if you are practicing wrestling, hockey, and other sports with direct contact.

But the exercises that involve the work of several major muscle groups will benefit any athlete whether you are an amateur or a professional.

Second, these weights have thick handles. This makes any exercise with weights excellent for the development of muscle and strength hands. My masseuse recently noticed that my arms are very muscular and that I have much larger and stronger muscle bundles.

The training gave me strength, including exercises with weights. So this is a way for developing strong muscular forearms. If you like to practice yoga exercises such as “farmer’s walk,” you will love it more once you execute this exercise with the help of weights with thick handles.

Third, you constantly must work on the stabilization of the weight in such exercises like bench presses over the head, “Turkish get-ups” and “windmill.” These exercises strengthen the muscles-stabilizers better and tighten the lagging areas faster than any other sports equipment.

Lean Bells by Gavin Walsh

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