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Whether it’s a distant memory or a night you’re planning to remember forever, sex for the first time is always a defining moment in a woman’s life. That’s not to say that everyone’s first time was special or with someone special, but a majority of women who have experienced it can tell you about that night.

It is true that sex today isn’t held in the same regard as it was years ago. Back in the day sex was harder to come by so it was valued more. Nowadays it’s almost expected of women to give it up after a date, which is completely ridiculous.

Back then men had to court you and ask for your hand in marriage, now they take you for a movie and think they deserve your goods.  If you’ve yet to experience sex you might be curious about it.  While everyone’s first time is different, there are some things most girls should know if they are thinking about doing it for the first time. By the way, you can learn some hot oral sex tips from Michael Webb’s eBook Lick By Lick.

Never Do It, Until You Are Ready

You might think you’re ready but are you really? Think about it long and hard. Under the assumption that you are old enough to be having sex, it should never be something you just jump into, especially if you’ve never done it before. Don’t feel pressure from a guy who says you’re just going to Netflix and chill when his behavior clearly suggests otherwise. Being completely honest, sex is only enjoyable if you’re completely into it. If any part of you is feeling hesitate, it’s probably best to wait.

Make Preparations For That Night

If you haven’t been told since the time you’ve hit puberty, protecting yourself during sex is very important. Not to scare you out of having sex, but being safe during sex is serious. Luckily condoms are inexpensive and they make them now so that you don’t even feel them. You also might want to entertain the idea of getting lube.

When you first have sex let’s just say your muscles can be very tight down there, and if you are nervous or tense before or during losing your virginity it can make the act uncomfortable. Adding lube to the equation can help with that. Being safe and being comfortable are probably the biggest things you’ll have to worry about when it comes to your first time.

Don’t Over Think It

It’s your first time having the sex you’re obviously not going to be the best at it, and that’s okay. Unfortunately, movies, books, and porn will have you believe that you have to be amazing at sex, or that it’s very natural. While some people might be natural at it, most people experience a bit of awkwardness during their first time. Sex is like everything else, the more you do it the more comfortable you become with it.

If you’re really feeling uneasy about going through with it talk to your partner about it, chances are they’ll understand and aren’t expecting you to be some sex god. There’s no need to turn into a porn star your first time and try to impress your partner, just keep it simple and do whatever feels good to you.

We don’t have all the answers here but we try our best to share what we know. When it comes to your first time, know that everyone’s experience is different and if you remember anything about your first time, it should be how much you enjoyed it.

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