The Likeability Blueprint

All of us want to please people with whom we have contact in daily life. We all want our colleagues, customers, friends, relatives, and just casual acquaintances to have a good impression from communication with us, respect and love us, speak well of us and would love to talk with us. Sometimes we face with people who are called “the soul of the company” or “everyone’s favorite.”

They can have disarming charisma. They are always closely surrounded by admirers, fans, and friends. We are not talking about famous artists or famous “idols” but about ordinary people who can easily attract people around them. I think every wondered – ” why is it so nice and easy to communicate with them? How do they do it?” Do you want to know their secrets?  Here are some important secrets of attraction to:

Radiate love

Perhaps the most important secret of charm is the inner light of love. The vibration of love is the most natural state of being. When you are completely relaxed, without any agenda, fear or worry, love automatically radiates from your heart in all directions. Love will always be at your core, it is a vibration which sparks the light of consciousness within you and you cannot change this. Imagine that your heart is a fragrant huge rose that brings its marvelous aroma of love into this world. You can learn to radiate love with exercise and love meditation.

Even if you have the subliminal aggression, it will gradually disappear. People will be attracted to you, they will strive to become your friend and fall in love with you and craving to communicate with you. We all want to be liked and the more you practice being heart centered in your communication and human interaction, the easier your life becomes. By the way, I highly recommend you to read the Likeability Blueprint by Mark Williams. With the help of this guide, I became a different person to my friends. Now I am the soul of the company.

Change your inner convictions

“Love yourself as much as you want to be loved” Remember this golden rule: We have within us the power to be like the magnet whose pull is irresistible. You don’t attract what you want. You attract WHAT YOU ARE. Force yourself to think about what you like about yourself. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but when you focus on your positives, you will begin to appreciate yourself more. Relax and accept the idea that you are no worse than others.

Convictions are thought that penetrate deep into the subconscious and seat there. These thoughts have the greatest influence on the creation of our reality. The world is a mirror that reflects our thoughts. What you give out is what you will receive. Self-confidence is freedom from doubt, faith in yourself and in your abilities, self-esteem, and the inner conviction that you can go through any task or action. It is the mark of inner strength. Positivity brings a desire to be your best–to eat right, to exercise, to look good.

It is possible that you can create such a magnetic personality, that whenever you meet people, they are instantly attracted to you. Eliminate negative thoughts that literally poison your life. Everyone loves a person that can make them feel good and if you are able to lock down this fundamental skill, it alone will make you very popular. Replace all negative thoughts with positive affirmations and everything will be just perfect.

The Likeability Blueprint by Mark Williams

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