Stroke of Genius

A stable trustful relationship is great. But the line between stability and predictability or even boredom is too thin. And where the boredom has settled, there is no room for love. Secrets of femme fairytales come down to one thing: they know how to impress a man in bed, and do not make their lover bored.

That is why I strongly recommend you to download the guide Stroke of Genius by Cassidy Lyon. The author will tell you all the secrets of satisfying men through oral sex, about which you’ve never heard of, and which are incredibly effective.

In terms of biology, the task of every male is to fertilize as many females as possible. It is necessary to save the life of all species. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, both animals and humans are usually polygamous. Comparing human with an animal is not entirely correct. Man is distinguished from other mammals in the successful restraining of his instincts, subjecting them to reason. Yet in some areas of human life – for example, in sex – instincts play a significant role.

Men are turned on by the novelty, it is unreasonable to deny it. And if you take care to introduce an element of novelty in sex life and not let sex become a routine, it will only benefit the relationship. Smart women know that their beloved ones need novelty, and try to meet this need so that they won’t look for it in other people’s beds.

Even if a man does not want to change his wife, small surprises will be pleasant to him. While finding ways to surprise your lover it’s especially important to have an individual approach. Preparing a surprise for your loved one, you should consider all of his directly or indirectly expressed wishes, his tastes, preferences, and weaknesses. Otherwise, the result may be unexpected.

For example, many recommend causing jealousy in a man to arouse his passion. In dealing with someone this technique is actually very effective. But the jealous one, tyrant or simply not a self-confident person is not going to kindle with passion for his wife, who desperately flirts right and left.

As a result, the couple will have arguments instead of nights of love, and it’s good if t will be just an argument. There are also the worst options, for instance, a man wants to repay a frivolous lover in the same way and starts to flirt with other women, and even cheat.

Everything has its time and place. If the man returns home after working for twelve hours worked in a hazardous environment, it is unlikely he will be playful – most likely, he will be gladder over a plate of borscht than sexual harassment of his wife.

But when a man is full, he slept well and feels good – it can be surprising and should be. So, before you apply certain tricks, you should think about whether they are suitable in this case or not. Otherwise, the fight against boredom in bed will cost your family too much.

After reading this guide you’re sure to become a real sex goddess for your men. It is foolish to deny that the topic of sex knowledge of right action does not play any role. Believe me, you just have to study the information, if you want to be always desired by your man. To become a woman, to surprise a loved one, first of all, you need to awaken your own sensuality.

Stroke of Genius by Cassidy Lyon

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