Lust Inception

The Lust Inception system will help to make a girl obsessed with having sex with you. Sounds good? Download Alister Nova’s e-book and discover a secret way into a woman’s mind. Why some men don’t attract good women?! Hmmm. First off it’s because some men think good women are boring! They prefer the bad bitch or the so called bad girl!

This is because they believe these women are better in bed and are a bit risky! Most men are risk takers and so women like those excite them! They like the thrill and adventurous side of these women. Women like these are usually confident with a little bit of spunk! They know how to take charge and come on which man wouldn’t like that! Still there comes a time when a man wants stability in his life, that comfort and good loving of a good woman.

He starts to evolve and wants stimulating conversations instead of just stimulating sex! He wants someone he can trust in, someone who will be there when things are not so exciting, someone who will remind him to take his pills, someone who will be comfortable just chilling at home and someone who gets him on a deeper level. That’s when he starts to look around and weigh his options. He thinks “hey she is fun, but can she motivate me to be a better man?” Then he pauses and reflect upon his life and choices so far. He wonders why is that good woman not around him?!

Then he realizes his own mindset and behaviors repel such a woman from him. His playboy persona alienated him, his many female friends block her out and his big ego with his fake personality stops such a woman from manifesting in his life. Besides he probably wouldn’t have time for her because he is busy trying to be one of the boys who thinks “fuck bitches get money!” He literally isn’t ready for such a woman. He would have to change his mindset and his sabotaging behaviors. He would have to adjust his life for such a woman and then she would manifest!

The Lust Inception by Alister Nova

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