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When texting a girl, you can easily, turn attention to yourself, allowing interest to flow to your persona, and even successfully invite her on a date. In this article, we will spell out how to do this. Well, if you want to seduce a girl through texting, and make it so that she would like to have sex with you, then you can not do so without the book Magnetic Messaging. A lot of guys have achieved amazing results, seducing girls by text, thanks to Bobby Rio’s guide.

How to write the first text to a girl?

Calling the fairer sex by name in the text is not necessary. Firstly, it is not welcomed, and secondly, it just underlines your neediness. A lot of guys introduce themselves at the beginning of the text. This is unnecessary. It is understandable that a girl may not recognize your phone number. However, it is much more logical and appropriate to introduce yourself at the end of the message.

Questioning whether the cutie remembers you or when you met is a complete confirmation of your impotence and insecurity. If the exchange of numbers took place, then such a phrase simply signals that you were not memorable. This phrase greatly reduces the likelihood of the development of a relationship.

Questions such as “How are you? What are you doing? ” are so mundane, that they generally should not be used either in conversation or throughout texting.

A common mistake is that the text has way too many words, that again shows neediness. She may answer such a downpour of words with a cut and dry text, and it is likely that there may not even be an answer.

If your message is dry and without emotion, it will not cause the girl any emotional reaction. It is likely that this is not her first text of the sort, so you automatically put yourself in the same group of guys, for whom she does not care for. Most likely, the answer is a polite phrase, “Hey, everything is fine.” With this, the conversation will end.

The last mistake is that if you write a short message, the decision to continue the conversation is given to the girl. It is not worth letting the initiative out of your hands!

When getting acquainted with a girl, it is worth it to use your head. When writing a text, use the following tips, they will, without much reluctance,  get the best result.

Method of references to the past

Specifically, with this method, you must specify an event when you met the girl, something good, bright and uplifting, that you were both witnesses for. It could be anything! This first text will be perfect as she remembered not only you but also a funny moment that will cause an emotional response. Subsequent conversation, and, therefore, a date not long after.

Give her a nickname

When meeting a girl you can compare her with a famous actress, that not only flatters her but also helps her remember you. Believe me, when you receive a message with the text “Well, Lara Croft, which tomb are you going to explore today?” She not only remembers you but will be delighted.

In order to fully explore the science of dating and seducing women via Text messaging, it will only help if you download Bobby’s guide at the link at the bottom of the page. If you are ready to act, rather than sit back and wait for some girl to take interest in you, then this book is for you. The world of SMS texts is so beautiful.

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