Master Code System

I want to share with you some golden rules that you must adhere to constantly if you want to learn how to get rich. Together with the methods of success described in the book Master Code System, these rules will definitely help you become a successful person.

RULE # 1: Train yourself to savings!

After receiving the salary, don’t need to run to the store and buy some unnecessary things! Put out your impulses and desires! It is much better to defer these “unnecessary money» to the coin box, and then with the next pay you should defer a little again, and then these accumulated funds you can safely put in the bank for deposit and live off the interest. Don’t become a spender, use your head!

RULE # 2: invest your money wisely!

Some people invest their savings in jewelry (gold, diamonds), others in real estate, land. And that’s right! These kinds of investments will always be relevant, and they will never fall in price! You can also invent your own way of investing, but it needs to be relevant and in demand!

RULE # 3: Be creative!

For example, try to invent or reinvent something more interesting! Use your brain! Many firms do not regret their money for the original human ideas – they will buy this idea at once! Or try to do something creative with your own hands. For every seller, there’s a buyer!

RULE # 4: Try to open your own bank account!

For example, you open a personal bank account and form a habit to put a part of the money into your account after each your salary. Or if you are a big spender, then you can write an application to the Bank and ask the Bank to deduct a small amount of your money from your salary to your personal account! After a year of such savings, you will be delighted.

RULE # 5: Believe in your luck, with all my heart and soul!

Many psychologists give a very simple answer to the question of “How to get rich?”, they advise believing in luck! And it is a valid method indeed! Please understand that all our thoughts are material, whatever you think and imagine becomes true after some time. Try not to think about your poor situation, each night before bedtime try to imagine how you become a wealthy man!

Begin to imagine Your perfect future life: Your cozy house with a fruit garden, Your job, Your beautiful car, Your vacation 4 times a year in paradises of the world — try to feel your condition from the inside, believe in it! Also, it would be nice if you make your personal collage of your dreams, and you must be at every picture!

Never allow yourself to say: “Oh, I need to initially become a bankrupt to buy that!” Never say so to yourself, do you hear? If you want luck was at your side, you need to speak the following sentence: “When I am rich, I’ll surely buy this thing”!

Following the algorithm of success described in Tiffany’s guide and the five rules above, you will definitely be rich and become the man everyone will respect. The main thing is not to give up and go forward. Believe me, everyone can achieve success in his life. You just have to want it.

Master Code System by Tiffany Kahn

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