The Power of Focus

Any human has a lot of goals and objectives in their life. Earning money for your life, thinking about your health, going to the theater, and thousands of different other things. And you, how many tasks do you have for today? I think that too much.

How not to get lost in their quantity, how not to waste your energy? How to achieve everything you want? This question is faced by many of us. After all, the time factor in life is very important. What to do? In the new e-book ‘The Power of Focus’ you will find answers to these and other questions.

Focus on your goal

There is a great way to solve any task you face. Focus on it. You need to focus on your goal or task. You’ll tell me, you know it, it is so easy. Why then can you not achieve much? It is because you do not focus on its main part, on a single task.

There are many tasks and everything must be solved. We go for one, then for another, then third. And so having achieved nothing, we drop one task and take on another. And in the end, it turns out that, having tried everything, we lost our time and didn’t really do anything. Sounds familiar?

You need to focus on only one task. Setting myself only one task, I think only about it, and no others. I am totally focused on it. Other tasks at this point do not exist for me. Now, that’s how I do about the repairment I’ve started. I will finish it and only then focus on another important task for me.

I’m 100% focused on completing this task. Focusing is work in one direction. All the forces, time and resources we throw only on the solution of one, the main problem at the moment. Everything else should be left for later. Solve it and then proceed to the next task.

That is how it should be! You need to prepare everything to solve this problem, set aside time, gather information, focus on it. Everything must be prepared for the decision to come to your mind.

Right on the target. Focusing is like a powerful bang at the target. You need only one task that you have to solve! You can set a lot of goals. But it will still be very difficult to reach them all at once. Only one task must be set for you!

Save time and effort. When we started to solve one of the tasks we have, it means that we focused our attention only on it, on our main task at that moment. Thus, we do not spend our time and energy on other tasks, we save them for later.

What does the focus give us?

  • Focus on solving one problem.
  • Investing time, effort and resources to solve one problem.
  • Saving time, power and resources in other areas.

The main secret of focusing

Just starting one, the only task, having prepared all the necessary resources, time, having gathered the necessary information, you can easily solve any task! This is the main secret of focusing on one task. So you can solve any problem, achieve any goal. You have to be an athlete who thinks about the finish. To reach the goal first of all. For him, nothing exists except the cherished finish line.

There is no one near, neither viewers nor rivals. There is only the coveted finish ahead! It all depends on the strength and speed of the athlete, as well as his desire to reach the finish line running first. And it depends on its focus on the goal, at the finish. This is how important focusing is.

And if you will be distracted from your goal – the finish line, others will overtake you. Simply put, if you are thinking about another goal, you are already wasting your time on this second goal. As a result, you will achieve neither the first task nor the second one. You will only lose your time and energy.

Mental concentration

What is it? Mental concentration is your focus on only one goal. There is nothing else in your head except this task. There is only you and your task. You have to think about it, how to solve it. That’s what focusing on a goal is and why it is needed.

The Power of Focus by Karla Max

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