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How to become rich and successful? Set and plan your goals, dear friend! In most cases, rich peoples are either inherited a big amount of wealth from their ancestors and/or they are goal or milestone setters. Usually, they set up small milestones. These milestones can be based upon a specific time duration and they wish to achieve them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

They are very optimistic and they never give up. They try to achieve what they wish for in a specific period. If you meet such people, you can ask them what they want to achieve in ten or twenty years.

The poor on the other hand, are not blessed with this quality. 95% of poor people do not have a specific plan for their future. They are like small leaves hanging in space aimlessly.

No one can become successful without blue-prints and long-term goals. The conclusion of this story is that richness is not necessary to make a good plan but a plan is necessary to become rich. By the way, Dan Jenkins’ eBook “Wealth Switch” can help you deal with money worries.

Avoid toxic relations:

Psychology plays a big role in the accumulation of wealth. A can-do attitude is a must for a person who wants to become wealthy. This attitude is not easy to maintain if you form relations with can’t-do people. If you have such people, avoid them all. You are only going to succeed in life if you sit with a good company.

Avoid negative self-talk:

The only thing in psychology that worsens your attitude is your thoughts and believes that you are a loser. You start believing that your job is too demanding, you can’t do that, etc. These thoughts are enough to discourage you once these thoughts are converted in beliefs.

Do not overspend:

Overspending is not a good habit. It is necessary to save and keep some money aside bit by bit and when you have enough coins invest it in a good place if you want to become rich. It is like planting a small plant and just watching it growing to a big tree. If you do not have enough money for investment, you should try to make more money.

Create more than one streams of income:

United States Census Bureau in 2019, found that only 8% of men while 8.80% of women have more than one job. 65-66% of the rich in the world have more than two sources of income prior to earning their first one million dollars.

The poor have only one source of income and they have all their eggs in a single basket. What if they lose their jobs? How will they pay their monthly and other bills? So, it is better to have more than one option in your hand.

Educate yourself (develop a habit of reading):

Wealthy people re not robots. They do not work 24/7. They save their time for reading. But, they do not read stories and novels. They read self improvement and educational books. Success demands growth and growth only comes only from reading.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle:

Do you believe that you are a person who cannot avoid beer, nachos and a girls? If it is so, you will be unable to become rich. Making money requires work and power. Eating right and regular exercise help you out. You should take care of both your wealth and finances.


If you want to be rich in future, then you must do the above things. Stop watching TV and give a pause to other bad habits and start creating plans, think positive and find other ways if income.

Wealth Switch by Dan Jenkins

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