Mesmerizing Phrases

To meet a decent man is only half of the problem. But what kind of man do you want to see next to you? Most women will say the following: an interesting interlocutor, a loving, caring, passionate… The list goes on. However, to get something, you need to give something. But the question is: what does a man want?

What does he really need from you in return? “Women love with their ears,” says a famous saying. But if you apply this rule to your chosen one, you will not only fail but will also greatly benefit. Men are no less dependent on what they hear from their beloved women. That’s why I recommend downloading the e-book Mesmerizing Phrases. You will discover a lot of new things.

Your words can make a man God or cause him suffering. And this will depend on your relationship with him. So what do the representatives of the strong half of humanity want to hear from their women? I bring to your attention some of the most common phrases that will sound for your man’s music. And of course, improve the quality of your relationship!

How do you feel?

He really wants you to care about him. Care gives your man a sense of the depth and strength of your relationship. After all, you make it clear that your physical, moral and emotional well-being is important to you. That’s what men say, who hear these phrases:

“I feel like a person who is taken care of, listened, heard and understood.”

“I understand that she really does care that I feel in a difficult situation and she really wants to help me.”

I feel safe with you.

When a man loves you, he wants you to feel comfort, coziness, and security next to him. Letting him know that his efforts have not been wasted, you inspire him to continue to make efforts in this direction. This is how men respond to these words:

“I realized that I had created a good base on which to build much more, to develop our relations.”

“I would do even more for her!”

I support you.

“My wife is my fortress,” one famous artist once said. The best image, meaning support, is perhaps hard to find. But the man is the embodiment of power. Do we need support? You are important to your man like no other. And when you support it, believe in it and be proud of it, it becomes even stronger:

“Her support gives me confidence that I can solve many problems.”

“I have strength.”

“I feel ready to withstand the harsh conditions in which I am placed.”

Let’s go somewhere.

Your man wants you to spend time with him, and not only in case of important and useful things. Shake-up, switching, playing, the positive charge of emotions is needed to him like air! Relationships become insipid and turn into a routine if all the time follows the model of “home – work, work – home, weekends – TV”.

Therefore, arrange a small holiday. And do not get hung up on one thing. If he usually takes you to a café or a restaurant, make a reception at home. And if you also cook a dish that you masterfully or which is to your liking, you will win twice!

I want you.

Your man wants to know that he is still wanted for you, excites you, and you can not wait until you are with him in bed. And not necessarily every time to hope that he initiates sex. Take the first step! Let him know how much you want him. You do not risk being intrusive or immodest.

I love you.

When you say “I love…”, you turn to him with your heart. And his heart responds in response. He feels with his whole being that your love is unshakable and unconditional. He ceases to be afraid of his vulnerability and finds the ability to express his love in return. Is that what you want?

Mesmerizing Phrases by Debra Aros

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