Metabolic Cooking

Desiring to perfect the body forms, many people exclude from their diet certain high-calorie products. The menu includes only low-calorie products. How many calories in the foods and dishes also depend on the type of method used for cooking and very often people forget about it. Culinary processing can both preserve the beneficial properties of the products as well as turn it to the carcinogen, harmful and damaging the body shapes.

So what is the best way to cook to lose weight, but not harm the body? To do this you need to understand what is cooking. And it will be difficult without recipes. The book Metabolic Cooking is exactly what you need if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Culinary processing is the process that is applied to one or more foods in order to obtain a final result that is the most optimal for assimilation by the human body. It changes the structure of the products for slimming, as well as their appearance (under the influence of temperature red meat becomes dark, liquid egg white and yolk becomes hard and so on). We know several heat treatment methods of the food. Some are better than the others retain useful properties of the products and make food safe for our health and figure.


Steam cooking is used for vegetables, meat, and fish. Soft vegetables can be ready in minutes. To make ready carrot and other hard vegetables you will need a little bit more time. Vegetables do not lose their nutritional value, stay bright and appetizing, keep their forms and structure of the fibers. Steaming fish preserves B vitamins, and healthy fats, which have great value in the diet. Steam cooking without using oil ensures its safety for the figure.

By the way, the glycemic index of steamed foods does not increase. So if you want to lose weight, eating right, buy a steamer! Current models of the kitchen “gadget” allow you to cook several dishes at the same time quickly and without any problems.


This cooking method means long boiling at a relatively low temperature. The process of destruction of vitamins during stewing is very slow because the temperature is below the boiling point. Stewing degenerates the fibers of the protein foods (such as meat). This means that it will be better digested.

During stewing a prune releases enzymes that help the stomach to digest the food. Stewed dishes have a sweetish taste that makes a meal more pleasant. If you cook by this method there is no need to add oil and it means that the calorie index is not increasing. A pressure cooker will make the process of cooking more pleasant and faster because of the pressure.

If you take care of your health and figure, give your preference to such cooking methods like stewing and steaming. And do not forget that raw foods have higher nutrient values than foods that have been cooked. Of course, you should not eat raw meat or fish, but fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds, are necessary to use for everyone who wants to be healthy and look great!

If you want to cook really healthy food, you will definitely need Karine’s guide. You will find dozens of recipes that are not only delicious but also help to improve metabolism. Want to lose weight eating tasty and healthy? Download this e-book right now.

Metabolic Cooking by Karine Losier

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