Anabolic Cooking

Do you want to find out what the “right diet for sportsmen” is? Do you dream about gaining pure muscle weight, and not just fat? Then head to the store with the following list of ingredients. However, before making the journey, don’t forget to download Dave Ruel’s cooking ebook. In this guide, you will find 200 more recipes meant for gaining muscle mass. Now, let’s return to the list of products that no athlete should go without.

1. Sunflower seeds

First of all, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein. Secondly, they are full of Vitamin E – a very important element for gaining muscle mass. This anti-oxidant lowers the effect of free radicals in the muscles and speeds up the process of restoration after working out. Nibble on them or add shelled seeds to your salad. Fried or raw, depending on your taste.

2. Atlantic Mackerel

Fish is very rich with omega-3 fatty acids. Right after working out your body starts feverishly breaking down all of the protein that it can find, including your muscle mass. While you are going home before you have a chance to eat and digest your steak, this entire time your body will systematically eat itself. Omega-3 stops this process, slowing it down until the right proteins arrive in your stomach.

Even if you ate a sandwich with mackerel for breakfast, a while before working out, everything will be alright. One fish contains 74 mg of Vitamin C, almost the daily recommended dose. This vitamin is one of the most important components needed by muscles and tendons for a healthy and happy life.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi is an irreplaceable muscle builder. Find out why just three pieces of this fruit, eaten a day, is enough to protect yourself from sickness.

4. Coffee

Caffeine can increase the length of your workouts because it reduces muscle pain. You will not feel pain for longer and will be able to work out with the barbell or run for longer. Alternatively, you can drink green tea but stay away from energy drinks.

5. Beef

The champion of meat containing irreplaceable amino acids is beef. It also contains a lot of creatine, the substance that, if we believe Canadian experts, increases muscle mass, decreases fat, and increases endurance.

6. Ginger

This spice is one of the strongest natural painkillers known to man. It is as equally acting as aspirin, but obviously healthy. The lactic acid bacteria present in ginger is a fantastic stimulator of digestion. You need to have good digestion or your body will not be able to absorb the higher doses of protein.

7. Natural Yogurt

We don’t believe the circulating myth that instead of strawberries and blackberries companies put edible plastic into yogurt, however, we still recommend yogurt without sugar and mixing it with fruit yourself. Don’t add sugar. In fact, bifidobacteria is a lot healthier than you think, as it is able to deliver you from depression.

Anabolic Cooking by Dave Ruel

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