Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal

Unpleasant surprises in the form of warts in humans can occur at any time. It can be scary and hopeless, but how do you quickly get rid of warts? Traditional medicine confidently explains to a certain extent on how to completely solve the sensitive issue, without prompting surgical intervention, all provided by nature allowing desperate situations to not happen.

Detailed methods of getting rid of warts, moles and other benign skin are described in Charles Davidson’s book “Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal“. You can download this guide via the link at the bottom of the page.

Warts come in two types: senile and viral. The first is not so contagious, it looks like plaques with a clear outline, with a size not exceeding 2 cm. The most common are dark gray or brown. If they do not interfere with their location and appearance, it would be better not to touch. But if you have decided to rid of the bad element, it is important not to damage the skin as it can lead to malignancies.

Second is viral which is a skin disease caused by the virus papillomatosis. Therefore, the warts are sometimes called papillomas. Most often it affects people with low immunity, if the immune system in a person is good, the body will cope with the “attack.”

On average they have a smooth and flat surface, the size of 1 to 15 mm, round form, yellow or fleshy color. In most cases, they can be found on the back of the hand or wrist. The incubation period ranges from 3 to 5 months, so to ascertain the place and the source of infection is usually impossible.

The papillomavirus can live for a very long time on different surfaces, so to reduce the possibility of infection, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Wash your hands after coming from outside, before eating, and after using public transportation. Unwashed hands touching the mucous (nose, mouth, and eyes) through which the virus penetrates faster and easier.

Do not use other people’s toiletries (towel, comb, toothbrush and so on)

When you visit a pool or sauna, as well as a gym, you should regularly change your towel, as well as the use of antiviral creams for your feet. You can add an antiviral essential oil or tincture of propolis in the usual cream.

Do not be nervous. A healthy nervous system is the first condition for a good immune system. Do not worry things you have no control of.

A healthy diet. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are what you need, especially if warts appear frequently. It is necessary to pay attention to products in which a large part of the content made up of vitamin A (carrots, persimmon), C (citrus fruits, cabbage), and E (olive, corn, and sunflower refined oil, buckwheat, rice (brown), bran, wheat). Vegetables, salads, berries, herbs, and fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach (at least one hour before a meal).

Moles, Warts and Skin Tags Removal by Charles Davidson

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