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Remember one thing: your body does not want to change! Our body is always seeking permanence and stability, in other words, it always wants to have a rest. This is what physiologists call homeostasis or balance. It is simply what happens when the body as a system saves energy and makes your existence more economical and logical. That is why you really need the book Muscle Matrix Solution. Ryan Hughes will teach you how to gain muscle mass fast.

However, the balance is not only the left scale but also the right one. After all, we need balance. Right? Let’s take our internal systems – our body and put it on the left scale, accordingly the external environment that always tries to interact to achieve a balance will be on another scale. If the external environment suddenly will be changed for a while, it will shake the internal system and cause the cataclysms and changes due to the loss of a balance.

If the external environment change, again and again,  the internal one will adapt to these changes in order to maintain the balance. For example, if a person came to the sun (new external environment for him), he will get a sunburn  (cataclysmic of the internal environment). If this happens for a number of days, the internal environment (skin) will adapt to these changes by the development of melatonin (tan skin).

In other words, the adaptation – is the process whereby an internal system of the body becomes better suited to the changes in the external environment. Adaptation – is a way to maintain balance. In simple terms, adaptation — is an acquired tolerance.

Well, but what has the muscle got to do with it? I think that the smartest has caught a connection. Training in a gym — is a gross disturbance of a balance by the external environment. Every time you raise the bar up to increase biceps strength, you destroy muscle cells and other internal systems of your body.

This is terrible stress and disturbance of internal balance, such as a burn or a sunburn. And if such a mockery continues regularly, forcing your body to adapt by increasing the size of muscle fibers, or darkening of the skin, if we are talking about the sun.

Best way to get a great pump in your muscles

This recipe is very simple: you have regularly given your muscles more stress than during previous training that will lead to regular growth (adaptation). The faster you give such stress, the faster you pump up your muscles.

But everything is not so easy. Over time, the body gets used to regular stress and stops the growth. There comes the so-called plateau, which is slightly known to newcomers. But what is familiar to those who trained more than a year. What to do? What exercises have to be changed? Splits? There are a lot of questions. Ryan’s manual will answer all your questions and can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of the page.

Remember, your goal is to increase the weight you’re lifting. Do not think about how to increase biceps size. Think about how to increase the weight during biceps curl exercises. You have many options here. For example, do more negative rep training or reduce the number of repetitions to increase weight. There are a lot of methods, but Ryan’s guide is the best out there.

Muscle Matrix Solution by Ryan Hughes

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