No-Nonsense Muscle Building

If you are thinking about how to gain muscles, first of all, you have to pay a lot of attention to your lifestyle, sports activities, and diet. In order to gain muscles fast and without any harm to your body, you have to eat properly 6 times per day (1 meal every 3 hours).

Thus, your body receives all the necessary energy and “construction materials” in order to create new muscle tissue. When you are thinking about gaining muscle fast and without any harm to your body, it’s vital to change your diet.

You can increase the speed of weight gaining by eating slow carbohydrates: brown rice, pasta from durum wheat, whole meal bread, various cereals, vegetables (cabbage, spinach, zucchini). If you like fruits, you have to select those with a low amount of sugar, e.g. grapefruits, kiwi and apples.

They are rich in vitamins, which will help you to digest huge amounts of food. When you select fats for your nutrition, the best way to gain muscle is to eat meat, fish, sour cream and cheese. You have to avoid noxious chips and crackers.

By the way, we have an advice for sweet lovers: eat pastries, cakes, cupcakes (we recommend to choose homemade sweets without any confectionery fats). Proteins are the best friends of any person who wants to gain muscle fast. By the way, if you download the book “No-Nonsense Muscle Building 3.0“, you will discover a unique system of muscles gaining from Vince Del Monte. I recommend this guide to everybody, who wants to get a muscled body!

When you eat proteins, try to keep a proportion of 2-3 grams of proteins per 1 kg of your weight for 1 day. Consumption of higher amounts of protein will damage your liver. Your body gets animal protein from meat and vegetable protein from dairy products and cereals. Best products, which are high in proteins are milk, yogurt, cereals, cottage cheese, cheese, nuts, and eggs.

For example, 100 grams of meat will provide you with 14-20 grams of pure proteins. Remember that chicken is higher in protein than pork. One raw egg contains just 3-4 grams of protein. Thus, if a person needs 140 grams of proteins per day to get muscles, he or she has to eat 35 eggs or 1 kilogram of meat! That is simply impossible and dangerous.

Not everybody will be able to handle such amounts of proteins. Therefore, we can use special products, consisting of concentrated protein. They are totally safe for health and will perfectly help athletes to gain muscles. It’s recommended to dilute such proteins in warm milk. This method allows your body to digest it faster, increasing the amounts of proteins in your diet.

Many specialists are telling about the importance of proper workouts (intensive and continuous, at least 1 hour). You have to plan your day in such a way, so that you can properly eat 1 hour before your workout, consuming a lot of carbohydrates. They are going to be burnt when you start your workout.

It’s also recommended to drink a glass of juice with creatine in 40 minutes before your planned workout. This is a nonsteroidal additive that promotes muscle gain while holding fluid in your body tissues. This additive is used in cycles, where each cycle lasts 4 weeks and is followed by a 4 weeks break. Best exercises to gain muscles are deadlifts, squats and bench press. They have to be performed with a constant and gradual increase of the lifted weight.

We recommend you to ask a professional trainer to create a program for you (schedule, type of exercises and repetitions). He or she will create a program, which will allow you to gain muscles, and not to lose weight or increase your durability and power. There are many differences for each of the mentioned goals, even if exercises are the same. You have to eat products rich in carbohydrates and proteins after your workout. 2 bananas and 1 liter of milk can be your perfect choice.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building 3.0 by Vince Del Monte

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