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Cellulite is not an infectious phenomenon, it does not cause any painful sensations and discomfort, although it is customary to “suffer” from it. Why is this “sickness” so hated by the beautiful half of humanity? How does cellulite appear and how to deal with this phenomenon at home? All these issues are discussed in detail in the new book My Cellulite Solution by Gavin Walsh. Dear women, do not miss this e-book if you want to get rid of cellulite once and for all. Well, I will provide you with general information.

What is cellulite?

The disturbance of metabolism leads to the formation of micro-nodules with lymphatic fluid in fatty tissue. Lymph, stagnating in a cage, accumulates toxins and slags, which knocks down the process of blood supply. As a result, the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer changes, and the skin externally becomes bumpy and friable. Cellulite is most often manifested on the abdomen, buttocks, sides, and hips, regardless of the composition and age. The reasons for the appearance of cellulite are as old as the world.

  • The skin loses its elasticity and even surface due to the improper distribution of water, fat and metabolic products. The causes of cellulite – an unbalanced diet. It is worth paying attention to the level of consumption of harmful carcinogens and preservatives.
  • Do you have hormonal disorders? Reduced functions of the pancreas and thyroid gland, as well as diabetes, can cause cellulite.
  • Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Give it up before it’s too late, it’s better to be beautiful and active than to actively fight cellulite afterward.

How to get rid of cellulite at home?

If all the same insidious cellulite overtook your beautiful body, do not panic! There are many ways how to get rid of cellulite at home once and for all, we list the most popular.

First, revise your diet. The diet for cellulite should be balanced and include many fresh and healthy products.

Secondly, a very effective massage from cellulite. Direct impact on the required areas of the body, gives visible results for a long period.

Thirdly, there are many techniques for dealing with cellulite alone or in special salons under the guidance of experienced specialists.

Fourth, exercise slows the development of the “orange peel”, as they help to saturate the body with oxygen and improve blood circulation.

4 stages of cellulite

I Stage. Cellulitis is noticeable only when you press your fingers on the skin. Reason: metabolic disorders. How to fight: exclude from the diet of smoked meat, fats, and sweets. Fried foods replaced with stew and steam, drink at least a liter of water a day. Remember that smoking and alcohol are friends of cellulite.

II Stage. Bumps are already visible on the surface of the skin. Reason: poor blood circulation due to blood and lymphatic vessels squeezed by fat cells. How to fight: once a week visits the sauna or sauna, it will save the body from excess fluid. Follow a strict diet, try to move more. At this stage, anti-cellulite massage works well, which should be taken several times a week.

III Stage. You can clearly see rough tubercles and pits, the sensitivity of the skin is reduced. The reason: the started form of cellulitis. How to fight: intensive professional massage, diet, sports exercises, wraps, lipolysis, electrolysis.

IV Stage. Hips and buttocks are completely covered with dents, densities and cyanotic spots. The reason: an extremely neglected stage with a serious impairment of blood circulation in tissues and damage to nerve endings. How to fight: ask for help from specialists.

Now you know the 4 stages of cellulite, and the earlier you score an alarm and take all the necessary actions, the easier it will be to get rid of imperfections of the skin. Love your body, dear women.

My Cellulite Solution by Gavin Walsh

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