The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution

Neuropathy or nerve dysfunction. It appears as a result of the disruption of the nerve fibers caused by illness or injury. There are several types of this disease, depending on the location of the damaged nerve and diseases caused by dysfunction. Reasons for neuropathy can be caused by a wide range of diseases, injuries, infectious diseases, as well as lack the vitamins in the body.

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Causes of neuropathy

One of the most common causes of neuropathy is diabetes. Increase the level of sugar in the blood can cause a neurological disorder, this type of dysfunction is called diabetic. Overweight patients, patients who are suffering from an increased amount of lipids in the body or who are experiencing increased blood pressure are especially vulnerable to this disease.

  • The nerve fibers are damaged due to an insufficient presence of folic acid and vitamin B12.
  • Another cause of neuropathy is infectious diseases such as HIV, syphilis, AIDS.
  • Another type of neuropathy – alcoholic neuropathy; caused by the consequences of alcohol abuse, toxin influence on the tissues, lack of vitamins, nutritional disorder.
  • The cause of neurological damage can be an intake of certain medications and antibiotics, which have a deleterious effect on nerve tissues. Injuries and damage caused by circulatory problems and as a result, damage to tissues and nerve fiber.
  • Cancer, a different type of tumors can also cause the formation of the neuropathy.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of neuropathy are different for each individual case of the disease, but there are a number of symptoms that are characteristic of the overall clinical picture.

Symptoms of neuropathy caused by nerve dysfunction are characterized by decreased sensitivity of the affected limbs and the occurrence of pain. The nerve damage of the motor system leads to a constant feeling of weakness, appearance of cramping, problems with coordination of movements.

In the case of the nerve damage most common neuropathy symptoms are feeling of nausea, vomiting, fainting and a deep feeling of dizziness, metabolic problems (frequent constipation or diarrhea), the problem with eye vision, decreased sweating, increased heart rate, tremor of the fingers.

Treatments of the neuropathy

Treatment of the neuropathy starts with finding the causes of the disease with an intention to determine a type of the dysfunction. In diabetic neuropathy treatment begins with the settlement of blood sugar and diabetes as the underlying causes.

Treatment of neuropathy can be conducted in the home, especially during a peripheral dysfunction. After the foot washing skin should be well dried, especially in the areas between the toes, also the person should take care about the nails, do not destroy the growth of the nails, only wear comfortable shoes, avoid tight shoes and appearance of the corns, regularly massage legs and feet.

It is important to remember that smoking leads to problems with blood circulation, so during a neuropathy, you should immediately give up from that habit. During the treatment of neuropathy, doctors are using a range of drugs with a wide spectrum.  For example, anti-depressants, anti-seizure, different types of opiates.

The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution by Dr. Randall C. Labrum

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