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“I’m fat!”- this phrase about overweight sounds like a nightmare for almost every woman. This article is not about those whose imagination plays games. If you look in the mirror and clearly see that the problem is real, let’s figure out what obesity threatens and what should you do.

Overweight is harmful for your health

If we regard excess weight as a “trigger” of a number of diseases, then the number of emerging problems and ailments, where obesity is a real cause, can only be compared to drug addiction and alcoholism. This is not an exaggeration. For you to understand that the problem is serious indeed, let’s focus, for example, on cardiovascular diseases.

The heart of body positive people is in the “transverse position”; its size is often larger than usual. Imagine that the engine of the car does not work well and it causes a chain reaction and incorrect work of the other components of the car. Everything is bonded in the heart very tightly.

As soon as fat begins to gain in the muscle fibers of the heart, their dystrophy occurs. As a consequence, you have the inability of muscles to contract normally and pump blood. Moreover, as soon as a disorder of blood flow occurs, all organism suffers abnormal activity. Just like the problems with gasoline in the car.

Blood vessels. The most dangerous vascular damage directly related to obesity is an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood and the development of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease when there is sedimentation from a mixture of cholesterol and other fats with calcium as plaques and scurfs on the inner side of the arteries, reducing the elasticity of blood vessels.

Blood clots appear on the plaques over time, which can be tore off by blood flow. When a detached blood clot plugs a narrow part of the vessel, there is a fatal violation in the work of the relevant organ. If it is the heart then you have myocardial infarction. If it is in the brain then you have a stroke. You can also have infarction of the kidneys, liver, spleen.

Excess weight. Why is it dangerous?

In fact, all organs in the body can be disrupted because of obesity directly or indirectly. Some journalists and public figures think that not everything is so terrible and that doctors and nutritionists exaggerate deliberately to promote medicines, diets, dietary supplements.

However, statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) that includes 194 countries, clearly shows why overweight is dangerous: mortality from cardiovascular diseases of overweight people is growing every year around the world. Isn’t that enough to realize that it’s time to lose weight?

Getting rid of excess weight

The right way to normalize your weight should start with the simplest thing – analyze what your basic diet consists of. It often shows the real problem: sweets, potatoes of any kind in large portions, pastry. “Just a bit” is a favorite phrase of body positive people. “A little” in this case will be significantly different from the common portions.

Are you sure about your diet? Take a general blood test, urine test, biochemical blood test. According to the results, the experts can say many useful facts about your condition and the reasons for weight gain. You need to be examined every six months basically. Let’s be realistic, no Russian does it twice a year in 99% cases. Can you remember the last time you were examined? There is time for anything, but you have no time to be spent on physicians and your own health.

However, even if your obesity is caused by medical reasons, metabolic disorder influences the extra kilograms. Any weight gain is a metabolic failure. What regulates this process? It’s your brain. And this is the field of psychotherapy.

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