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You are in a few minutes away from getting the book Old School New Body. Before you will download it, I want to bring a few facts that will help you to get rid off overweight.

What to eat and what not to eat to lose weight?

To get rid of a weight long carbohydrates will help you, they maintain in your body for a longer period of time and the feeling of hunger doesn’t come back fast. Long carbohydrates contain cereals. The record-breaker in the number of carbohydrates contained is oatmeal. Instead of bread eat crispbread. Obviously, losing weight fast means that you will have to get rid of these products from your dietary plan.

Decrease the amount of salt in your diet. Every time you put salt in your meals put less and less. Building up the weight a lot of times comes as a result of liquid building up in the body. And food that contains salt boost up your appetite which means you will eat more.

In the fight to losing weight, take a close look at animal fats. Change from butter, margarine, and lard to vegetable oils. The best is olive butter. And to maintain high protein levels in your body avoid fat meat and instead eat fish, chicken, and eggs.

Eating routing

Most diets tell that a fast way of losing weight is not to eat after 6:00 PM. But this is not the right way. For the human body is normal to be randomly hungry at any time of the day. It is known that every living animal during stress situations tends to build up energy for the future of nature. The body will not burn more calories, it will try to maintain them, it will try to keep them for a longer period. Doing exercises while being hungry means that you will get tired.

Many doctors say that it’s better to eat in small portions and a lot of times during the day small amounts not bigger than 200. At the evening although the popular belief that it’s important to eat fruits, it’s better to eat vegetables. You can eat them as a whole or in salads with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Drink plenty of water. If a feeling of hunger comes at night time drink low-fat milk or yogurt or eat cottage cheese.

Nowadays it is popular to use bio-active meal additions. Advertisements are full of food supplements in tablets to lose weight with the help of these tablets. In the hope to lose weight, people are ready to do anything and they start to eat tablets that have side-effects. The main side-effect of these supplements is that they dry out your body getting liquid out of it bringing dehydration.

Regular physical activity is important for everybody, especially for people who have overweight. It is important to find the right training program. You cannot only workout on your six pack to clear a waist fat as a result of doing this you will get a waist that will expand more. Yes, your muscles will grow, and your muscles will get stronger but the fat will not fade away.

All physical activity should be a part of the dietary plan and daily routine. Your body also needs a rest. Physical activity should be wisely spread throughout days and should contain all muscle workouts. Make it your addiction doing workout every day and you will see results.

To find out how to do exercises properly to lose weight, I highly recommend getting Steve & Becky Holman’s eBook. This PDF guide is full off recommendations and tips in sport and fitness area. This person is helping thousands of people to bring their fitness levels to a good level. And people who think that they are able to lose weight without the help of professionals are wrong.

Losing weight is a hard process. And before starting to lose weight I recommend getting the knowledge and tips from the book by Steve and Becky. This manual has helped many people to lose weight.

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