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Before, a man and a woman met at work, via friends, in theaters or on the streets. In modern times, such acquaintance rarely occurs, the internet with its tremendous abilities has more and more influence on our regular life. There we can set the whole life and choose a mate, of any age, social status, different appearance, for absolutely different purposes from sex to marriage.

How to meet a man online? It seems that it is a very easy question with a simple answer, of course, visit the dating site and choose one for yourself or introduce yourself with a dozen men. No, it is not so simple. That is why I recommend you to download the book Online Allure Formula. Thanks to Michael Fiore’s dating guide you will learn many new things. I recommend it to you!!

In the meantime, while you reading the book, you need to fill up the questionnaire. You can look through profiles of women already existing on the site and learn how to start and complete your profile. For best results, you should write briefly and interestingly, men don’t like to read over complicated and long speeches.

More than that, it is necessary to choose photos to set them on your profile, do not edit them beyond recognition, it is better than the man sees immediately with whom he is dealing. But do not put on a profile a terrible photo, men still love with eyes, though they say that they need a soul.

Once you put your information on the profile, you will begin to see how many men will write to you. Do not rush to write to the first available men, which will invite you for a date, and chat with him on the website at least for a week. Look at his photos if a man does not put out his photo, he is obviously married.

His face can say a lot about his personality. Ask tricky questions during the chat, try to hide it that he did not realize that you are testing him. If you feel comfortable with him, push him to invite you on a date.

The first date should be necessarily in a public place, you do not know who he really is. You can meet a lot of freaks on online dating websites. The first impression is always right, so listen to your intuition. Watch how he behaves, talks, look. Some men allow themselves to come on the first date unshaven, in dirty clothes, and without money. They cannot even invite you to a café for a cup of coffee.

Your first impression of the man will help us to make the following conclusions about the first meeting. If the man is not neat it means that he does not respect not only himself but you primarily. If a man uses strong language in his vocabulary, ask yourself do you need that kind of man. The man is not asking you to go to the café and he says that he does not have money, we can say with 100% accuracy that he is either a beggar, or greedy, or completely not courteous about you.

You came to the cafe, they bring you the bill, the man makes big eyes and says that he forgot their wallet at home and offers to pay you, but then allegedly he will return the money, he is 100% pimp and a liar. Dear girls, be very careful while dating with guys on the Internet!

Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore

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