Prescription Freedom

Many of us have visited the hospitals. And not only the elderly but also the young ones. This is not surprising – unfortunately, we do not always prudently manage the health reserve, which is given to us by nature. By the way, if you download the guide Prescription Freedom by Kevin Christianson, you will discover a unique method of living without drugs.

The meaning of this guide is that during any disease you will need to prepare the medicine of natural ingredients at home, and not run to the store for the next portion of chemicals for your body. And now remember how much medication the doctor prescribed you? And add to it those that you take by your own initiative. Isn’t it too much? And you wonder why your body is faltering!

Eastern medicine treats the disease not as a judgment or trouble, but as a blessing. Sick body organ with its pain cries out to us: “Pay attention to me!” And what do we do? We take pills to relieve pain, to stop vomiting, bring down the temperature. By taking the pill, we bother ourselves, do not trust your body, do not allow it to complete a “spring cleaning” (in the East the disease is treated in this way!). Medications only lead to additional stress in our body and block it. In addition, chemicals and tranquilizers are addictive, require a larger and larger dose, so that the body weakens and collapses.

No matter how many pills we throw in the body, or drops we pour, no matter how many injections we do, nothing will help, if we will not take care of ourselves and our health. In recent years, a great number of bred mutant bacteria, including unpredictable and uncontrollable behavior. All of them are able to adapt quickly to antibiotics and resist them with extraordinary cunning and tenacity.

But man, whose immune systems are spoiled with the same antibiotic, resists these aggressors invisibility hardly. So, dear readers, do not get involved in drugs and rely on them as the only means of healing. We can often do it without chemicals. A lot can be fixed without pills and injections. How? This you will learn from Kevin Christianson’s manual. Be sure to download the book if you need to preserve your health for as long as possible.

In ancient times, our ancestors used to joke: “Nothing ruins health more as often change of medication.” And doing it without drugs is possible. For this, we collected ten rules and tips.

  • Do not take everything close to heart – don’t tear the soul over the fate of the next “just Mary.” Save your nerves and mental strength – it’s just a movie.
  • Learn to relax through breathing exercises with breath holding. Maybe someone will enjoy yoga and someone Bodyflex.
  • Discard all the way from unnaturally fast food, eat more plant foods – vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, garlic, onion.
  • Be sure to start a “handling”, half-starved and hungry days – it cleanses the body from any “garbage”, the sick, cancerous and non-viable cells, allergens and toxins.
  • Drink enough water – even after a dream and a glass 30 minutes before a meal. Also very useful are any vitamin drinks – an infusion of rose hips, buckthorn, fruit drinks, and fruit mixes. All of these drinks should be prepared without sugar. In an extreme case, a super sweet tooth, you can add honey.

I wish all readers of my site to be always healthy! Until we meet again, my friends!

Prescription Freedom by Kevin Christianson

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