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Pain in the legs is an unpleasant phenomenon, though it is not something unique. During the day, the lower limbs take more pressure than any other part of the musculoskeletal system. Especially if you have a job, where you should stand or, for example, if you are fond of something like triathlon.

Pain can vary in different levels: from mild numbness and pulsation, that might leave by themselves in a few minutes, to debilitating pulling sensations or cramps that can wake you up from a night’s sleep. Fortunately, there is nothing serious in the most cases and there is nothing dangerous in them. However, there are different situations. What should you do now if your feet hurt?

Leave Your Feet To Rest

Just let them rest: lie down, if it is possible, lifting your legs just above the level of the heart (this can be done with a roller placed under the ankles). This position will improve venous blood flow, reduce swelling and relax the muscles.

Make a Cold Compress

Put an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel to the area from which, in your opinion, the pain comes, (or, for example, it might be some frozen peas or any other frozen products that you have in your freezer). The duration of the compress is 15-20 minutes and repeat it three times a day if necessary.

Get a Massage

Massage helps in the cases when the pain is caused by a cramp or overtook you after exercises (a long walk or jogging).

Why Your Feet Hurt

Making sure that there are no dangerous symptoms right now and making you feel better, you can try to analyze by yourself what might cause such discomfort. In fact, there are many reasons of pain in the legs. Here are a few of the most common reasons.

Fatigue After Training

It might be usual onset muscle soreness. Maybe you are overstrained after a long period without trainings. On the other hand, you might choose uncomfortable shoes. Perhaps, on planning your 10-kilometer run, you have forgotten about the warm-up and hitch. This often becomes a cause of muscle soreness and, fortunately, it quickly vanishes by itself.


Perhaps, you have recently stumbled, but you paid no attention to it. Meanwhile, the awkwardness led to a slight sprain or rupture of some fibers of tendons. Such injuries are not fatal and often heal by themselves, but they can give you a few unpleasant minutes, and even hours.

Growing Diabetes Mellitus

This disease affects the peripheral nerves from the very start that leads to numbness and soreness in the area of the shins, calves and feet. Discomfort might be felt during your sleep more often. Therefore, if goosebumps and cramps in the calf muscles began to haunt you too often, it is not superfluous to check the blood sugar level and consult an endocrinologist.


Almost all future mothers are familiar with quite painful cramps in the legs. The cause of discomfort is a violation of mineral metabolism, often accompanying pregnancy. Most often, cramps occur due to a deficiency of potassium, calcium, magnesium or vitamin B6. Moreover, doctors are well aware of this: when complaining, the doctors prescribe vitamins to the patients that might help to compensate the lack of important elements.

If there is pain in the legs, you should not worry. Because everything is reparable. You will definitely succeed. I wish you good health and long life!

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