HEM Ankle Rehab System

HEM Ankle Rehab System – PDF book download!  Okay, guys, let’s see what people are saying about Scott Malin’s guide? Read testimonial on this guide below.

Stephanie Short, Pittsburgh, PA says:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book! I sprained my ankle on Monday, I was running up the steps to get my son, tripped and fell My foot wet top side down at an angle and my butt came crashing down on it I heard a loud pop yelled OW and continued up the stairs. I laid down for about an hour after putting ice on it and when I got up I was in such excruciating pain that I could not put any weight on the sore foot I decided to try the ice bath because I had never had an injury like this before I soaked my foot for 5 minutes dried it off then proceeded to wrap it in an ace bandage. Within 10 minutes my foot swelled up terribly!

On the bottom the sides and the ankle now when I fell the way I came down on it I hit where the cuboid bone is that’s where the goose egg was originally now it had spread. I called my husband crying telling him he needed to take me to the hospital. I went and got xrayed but they said I was good to go nothing broken. Wrapped my foot in an ace bandage slapped on an air cast and gave me crutches.

I’m a stay at home mom that cooks a lot I knew right away that I had to find a way to get better faster I slept with the air cast on the first night the next morning I was desperate to find something to fix my foot I began searching like crazy I found references to your HEM therapy all over the internet Several people were skeptical about buying your book I went ahead and took a chance. I am SO glad I did!! I started the program and by the end of the second session I could bear weight on the foot Admittedly I did too much working through the range of motion exercises and my foot swelled a bit on Tuesday.

Each day I did I followed your therapy directions to a T with the exception of the exercises Today is Friday AND my foot looks almost NORMAL! There is some very slight discoloration but most of the swelling has subsided I can see the veins in the top of the foot now! Thank you thank you thank you!! SO much! I can walk pain-free I have almost all of my ankles range of motion back I will continue to do this for the next 2 weeks and plan on adding in the exercises Thanks again!!”

As you can see from the testimonial above, Scott Malin’s blueprint is definitely worth a shot. Download the book now!

HEM Ankle Rehab System by Scott Malin

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