Red Pill Orgasm

By | November 6, 2018

Mario Favela review authorWhether you are a novice in the bedroom or consider yourself as the worlds best jackhammer, there is always room for improvement (ask any woman this and she will tell you the same.) See, while your sexual prowess in bed is important to you, it’s more important to your partner. After all, who wants to get taken right to the edge only to be left there hanging?

Maybe your confidence is low, or you have had a few bad experiences in the past. Whatever the reason may be, the Red Pill Orgasm book by Mario Favela is going to become your little guy’s new best friend. Inside, you will learn about how to maximize your stamina, movements, and capabilities beyond anything you ever imagined possible.

Sure, you could spend hours looking it all up online, but the thing with this is that you are wasting many potential precious pounding hours sat at a computer screen. If you want to unlock your inner sex god and become known as ‘the best sex of my life’ from whoever you go to bed with, then everything you need to know is inside Mario Favela’s book.

There are no schools to teach you to have sex like a pro, nor are there any doctors, physicians or therapists who can do it. You don’t need educational and technical mumbo-jumbo, but real, honest, and illustrated methods to help you reach the next level of lovemaking.

Think of Mario’s guide as the modern day karma sutra for men looking to level up in the art of sexual prowess and performance. This book is the little red pill that will outperform any little blue pill time and time again, all while helping you not only understand yourself but the body of your partner too.

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