Red Smoothie Detox Factor

Do you know your body’s most important weight loss secret? Over the past days, Doctor of Naturopathy, weight-loss expert and best-selling Amazon author Liz Swann Miller, creator of the book Red Smoothie Detox Factor, revealed 2 of the secrets to easy, steady weight loss. Secrets the big food corporations do their best to hide from us.

  • Secret #1: Enjoy real food. Don’t fall for the lie that you have to deprive yourself to lose weight.
  • Secret #2: Stop eating out. You will automatically eat less without even noticing.

Then start detoxing your body with tasty, nourishing smoothies that are just as easy on your wallet as they are easy to make. Because a single day of enjoying Liz’s smoothies demonstrated the radical power of her superfood-packed red smoothies to make me feel incredibly good. Now prepare yourself for one of the biggest weight loss secrets there is.

A secret that, when you use it properly, can transform your body and your health. You probably know most of us to eat too much-processed food. What you may not know is that it’s full of toxic chemicals and substandard, dirt-cheap ingredients designed to make you eat more… and force you to gain weight. Here’s how it works.

“That stuff is just a lot of calories your body can’t use,” Liz told me, “Some are poison. And all these foods are stripped of the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that help your body detox. The result? Your body expends huge amounts of calories to eliminate some toxins—the rest, it stores in your fat to protect you. This is why most people are hungry all the time. They’re not getting the energy they need.”

“So… what’s going on with me? Why am I losing weight but not going hungry?” Liz paused, then dropped the bombshell. Your body is designed to burn fat. You just have to let it.

“What? I thought we were designed to store fat?!?” We were Skyping and I was practically shouting. Then I heard Liz say…

What good is a fat reserve if you can’t burn it? Liz continued: “You’re drinking smoothies packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories that pull toxins out of you like a tractor beam. Allowing your body to burn those toxin-filled fat stores… and releasing tremendous amounts of stored energy.” So that’s why I’m losing weight without going hungry.

Liz’s ebook packed with revolutionary weight loss information—information that works. Because it’s based on how nature. Click the link below only if you want to wear smaller clothes, breathe easier, move more freely and just plain feel better. In this manual you’ll learn:

  • Which calories help you lose weight… and which ones help you gain it…
  • The “diet” foods…some of them vegetables…that lead to weight gain and diabetes…
  • The “low-fat” foods that can dramatically increase your risk of cancer.
  • And the superfoods that rescue your body from this assault by detoxing you…

Revitalizing your metabolism so you can shed pounds as well as toxins, renew your body and reset your internal clock by up to 7 years. Because until now, this guide has been available only to Liz’s private clients. But now that she’s perfected it to work for almost everyone, almost every time. Liz is sharing it with the rest of us so we can feel better and look better. And here’s my secret.

I’ve been on Liz’s system for 14 days now. I lost about ¾ to 1 pound a day—10.5 pounds and still dropping—my skin is clearing up, I feel better in a dozen different ways, and my doctor has given me the go-ahead to stop taking several medications. I have so much more energy, it’s just a revelation. So if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, do yourself a favor. Get her e-book as soon as possible. Thanks!

Red Smoothie Detox Factor by Liz Swann Miller

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