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By | November 6, 2018

Red tea is a concept that is common only in China. European people look at it differently, and call it black. Europeans, talking about it, start from a superficial description of the color of the dried leaf, while the Chinese speak about the color of the beverage that is obtained when brewing. If experts talk about this product, then, of course,  they use the expression “red tea”. By the way, friends, after downloading a new ebook the Red Tea Detox, you will discover a unique method of losing weight with the help of an ancient African red tea. Do not miss the chance to bring your figure in order after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Loss of excess weight is guaranteed!

Europeans began to grow tea on a large scale and to sell for sale, without thinking that they ignored some of the rules and rules of its production. A real red tea can be called one that is made in China according to the old traditions of processing. Those who want to taste this high-quality grade of this product will get one that is produced in Taiwan or China, where it is produced according to all the rules and laws.

Those who want to taste a real high-quality brand of this product will get one that is produced in Taiwan or China, where they produce it according to all the rules required. Historians believe that red tea appeared unexpectedly for the producers themselves. It was the result of a temperature drop and a strong fog. The leaves laid out for drying, strongly rotten, then the whole process was perfected, and the red tea itself appeared.

Chinese is one of the best teas. It is strongly fermented and less oxidized, has an unusual flavor and refined taste. Quality depends on the method of preparation. For high quality, fresh young leaves are collected that grow in the highlands, away from cities and plants.

After assembly, the sheets are laid out in the right way and left to dry for an average of 15 hours, then, when they are soft and tender, begin to twist. This is done either manually or on a special machine. There are times when some varieties do not just twist, but also squeeze, so that the whole leaf soaks through the juice. Sometimes, for certain varieties, only the edges of the leaves are dried. In this case, tea becomes unique to taste.

One of the expensive and high-quality varieties of red tea is the red dragon tea. By the degree of fermentation, it occupies an intermediate place between green and black. It has its own specific taste and pronounced flavor, which is very different from the usual green and black tea.

Correctly brewed tea red dragon has a honey-red hue, with notes of peach and floral taste. The taste of this tea is called spicy. In dry form, this is a large sheet, twisted into a tube. When brewing on it you can see the green veins. To feel the true taste of this tea, you need to know the recommendations for its proper brewing. It is necessary to pour the leaves with boiling water at least 90 ° C, allow to stand for 4-5 minutes, then in the same way it can be brewed again 3-4 times. This connoisseurs of tea are called truly royal.

All the useful properties of this product are directly related to the technology of fermentation. Specifically dried product with a certain combination of air, moisture and heat, contributes to the emergence in this product of many useful substances that it did not initially exist, such as tea flavins. By technology, the fermentation carried out, in addition, preserves a huge amount of nutrients in the leaves, such as polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins. Be healthy, friends!

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