Ripped At 40

As time goes on, the body goes through changes. As you get older, the routines that worked in your youth aren’t going to cut it anymore. For many of us, it can seem like an uphill battle; the stock answer of “do more cardio” doesn’t seem to be producing results like it used to. So what’s a guy to do? Give up, and settle into your “dad bod?” Or fight back?

This is what Gary Walker’s “Ripped at 40” TriCon training aims to address. Meticulously developed over the better part of a decade, these research-inspired, specific exercises are designed to subtly tell your body to lose the fat, while elevating your testosterone levels, building muscle, and flat-out making you feel better.

TriCon training is based around a triple-contraction technique; stimulating the muscles in your core, and supercharging your metabolism. For men aged 40 or older, this is a godsend; “tricking” your muscles into getting bigger and stronger, without placing undue pressure on your joints, or inflaming old injuries.

These cardiovascular “spurts” have been scientifically shown to be as much as three times as effective at slashing fat as a traditional aerobic workout, while also lowering blood sugar levels, dropping your blood pressure, activating your memory and actively combating neural degeneration, alleviating pain from arthritis and general joint soreness, an increase in energy, and, of course, a greater impact on reducing body fat in your abdomen.

Basically, if you exercise smart, you’ll produce more lactic acid. This, in turn, will boost your testosterone production, combating the natural ravages of age. The science behind these techniques aims to activate your body so that it works for you, not against you. Keeping your metabolism activated, these workouts are still producing effects up to three days later, burning fat while you sit at your desk. Guys, there’s no reason not to give it a try. So ditch the dad bod, and reclaim your abs!

Ripped at 40 by Gary Walker

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