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By Donna Jean | March 25, 2019

Usually sciatica manifests itself as a sudden acute pain in the low back, extending to the hamstring. In more than 80% of the cases, initially the pain appears in the low back and later moves to the back side of the leg. Considerably rarer the pain is found in the low back and the leg simultaneously, and even less frequently only in the leg. The nature of pain manifestation is determined by the level of damage. Do you want to know how to cure sciatica at home? Then you definitely need to download the book Sciatica SOS. With its help you’ll get rid of this unpleasant spine disease.

While the fifth lumbar spine is incarcerated or inflamed the patients complain of lighting pains in the buttock, the outer side of the thigh,  the front of the leg and the inside of the foot up to the big toe. In many cases in the same areas skin sensitivity is damaged.

With the damage of the first sacral root pain goes down the buttock, the back and the front side of the thigh, the shin, and then the sole of the foot and its front part to the little toe. There is a significant reduction or complete disappearance of Achilles tendon reflex.

Very often, there is a combined damage of several nerve roots and then the disease pattern consists of a combination of individual radicular syndromes.

Sciatica usually develops acutely and lasts for about 2-3 weeks. Patients tend to limit their mobility, since any activity (walking, bending, turns) leads to pain increase. In many cases, patients bend the spine toward the damaged side and keep it in this position. This forced posture is called analgesic scoliosis.

The examination of the patient reveals a protective voltage of long back muscles. When pressed in their sidesspinous process of vertebra manifests local pain, which can sometimes extend to the surface of the buttock. Very often during the examination the symptoms of autonomic-trophic disorders are manifested(cooling and blanching of the skin, excessive sweating, weakening the pulsation of the arteries of the foot, and others).

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