Secret Brain System

Download the Secret Brain System by Winter Vee and learn how to force your brain to create happiness and success. We create what we think about – do we? Much of the world has been exposed to this belief through writings such as “Think and Grow Rich” to “The Secret” to “The Law of Attraction” and even great philosophers like Marcus Aurelius to the ancient Vedic teachings of the Dhammapada and even Buddha proclaimed that we become and our world becomes what we think about.

And despite this awareness, we could take every gun in the world and melt it down, we could destroy every weapon of mass destruction, we could build impenetrable walls around cities and lock out anyone that so much as frowns at us and still … the carnage, the chaos, the disease, and the destruction would find a way to manifest.

The world in which each one dwells is manifested according to ‘conditioning’ that has defined who they believe they are. Every identity, every attachment, and every expectation together with every coveted memory simmers in a soup with a named called – US … and sends these powerful signals out into the invisible plastic substance of the universe, which flawlessly delivers, on schedule, every moment an exact copy of that mixture back to us in the form of our body, our mind our world and our circumstances.

The incredible simplicity of this is that the very attention we pay to this magic elixir is what brings its ingredients into our lives … all the quicker according to the degree of our passion for it. If we protest loudly and act out in a thousand ways that a thing in our world is not right and needs to be eliminated, we are standing in front of fire pouring gasoline into the blaze!

And yet – every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world who know how these works continue to shoot themselves in the foot. But take this a little deeper and look at ‘who’ is it really that is suffering? It’s the same bundle of constantly changing and shifting conditioning that we define ourselves with … you could say a different person every day …every moment. It’s not Who we are at all! Nor is the world it lives in!

We do not find Peace by ‘thinking’ about it or creating circumstances that are peaceful. The mind that created the chaos will continue to find a way to destroy that peace forever because ‘separation’ and the discord separation causes are the mind’s very nature. Peace is not somehow found. It is revealed as Who We Are. This requires an entirely different thinking process that occurs through the Heart, through feelings … not emotions, which are closely tied to the mind … but feelings.

The Peace We Are is revealed by removing or transforming the conditioning veils that hide what exists in plain sight to the Heart. The chaos and destruction have one purpose and that is to drive us inward to this Awareness and the more of it that you experience in your individual world the more your Real Self is urging you toward the Truth.

Secret Brain System by Winter Vee

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