Secrets To Dog Training

Training dogs alone and without the help of specialists is available if the master teaches the command for dogs following closely the recommendations. The owner of the dog will need hard work and a lot of patients. All these important qualities, including the correct execution of each command, will allow the owner to train his dog as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Be ready for hard work or you will just waste your time and will achieve nothing. Bummers never achieve something. So, what you have to do first of all? The best way to start is to download Dan Stevens’ book “Secrets To Dog Training“. Why? Because it has everything that you need to achieve the best results in training your dog. I recommend this guide to everybody, who has a dog.

How much time do you need to train a dog? Where and when?

Dog training can be practiced even at home,  when u give such simple commands such as “come to me”, “sit”, “don’t do that” etc. But it can’t be named as a full dog training, because the dog will obey you at home, and won’t do those commands outside.

So, take a collar, leash fastens to it, stock up with goodies and have good cheer, and go to train your dog! Your first training you should be held in a place where you will not disturb anybody, you shouldn’t complicate the situation and train the dog when there are a lot of irritants around the place.

You should teach your dog three times a week, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are too busy, you should do that at least twice a week. The first trainer shouldn’t last longer than 35 – 45 minutes, and further you can increase the length of training for 1 – 1.5 hours.

What sequences should have the training and how long they will last?

To swap the commands is the main condition of every training. You can start from such command as ‘heel’ and after working nearly 5-10 minutes do the commands like  “sit”, “down” and “stay.” Then again return to the command “heel” and then enjoy a 5-8 minute excerpt.

Excerpts enjoy a little more than 5-10 minutes, after that, you can work out the “jump” and “give.” Make these commands for 5 or 10 minutes. The next lesson should be different and all commands should be in another sequence. You should always try to mix the sequence of commands because such a method is the best for training the dogs.

Preparing for the first training you should have a collar, a leash and some treat for the dog. The treats are like a motivation for a dog for more effective and mining commands. It is better to choose the place that your dog knows or give it to sniff the area initially.

It’s very important for a dog to know the territory because if it doesn’t know the territory,  it will be difficult to train it. The experience shows that where the dog is the best guide,  pet shows much better results, so take note of it.

In the area of ​​training is necessary that there was no one, it is desirable that you have been together. Your main task is to train the dog when your dog is not distracted by external irritants. You can use dry food as a tasty goodie, they are well-preserved in all weathers, well tolerated and does not stain your hands.

But if the dog doesn’t like such dry food, its motivating for training will be less. So you need to take to adopt liverwurst, chicken cuts possible or, alternatively, liverwurst. It all depends on the preferences of your dog.

You need to walk out with your dog before training. Prepare your dog for future training. Run through a couple of laps around the stadium, or walk your dog well. This will give her an initial preparing for training.

Secrets To Dog Training by Dan Stevens

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