The Simple Sleep Protocol

Who among us did not suffer from insomnia? Sometimes you lie in bed, but cannot sleep. What to do in case of insomnia? I strongly recommend you to download the guide by Dan Ritchie. In it, you will discover a unique and very effective method of combating insomnia. So, be sure to download this guide, if you have persistent problems with sleep. Here also are a few methods from insomnia.

Organize your bed

Find a comfortable position in bed. Each person defines for himself the position in which he feels comfortable to rest. Most physiological is considered the sleep when lying on your right side with slightly bent legs. In this position all the muscles relax, the heart work is not difficult, and it is easier to fall asleep. The bed should not be too soft or too hard. Get rid of aggressive bed linen colors. Falling asleep quickly is also helped if sheets and duvet covers are white, blue or pink. It’s better to choose free and easy clothes, those without tightening rubber bands and rough seams, preferably made of cotton.

Ventilate the bedroom

It is proved that people will just fall asleep when the room temperature is lower by 4-5 degrees than in other rooms. Open the vents half an hour or an hour before going to bed: if there’s fresh air, you will fall asleep easily and the sleep will be more complete.

Take a walk

While ventilating the area, you can walk a quarter of an hour in the park or in the yard, but not along the highway. The walk is an excellent way to quickly fall asleep.

Do not eat a lot at night

If you had the roast leg of lamb or a great steak and chips for dinner, bloating definitely prevents you from falling asleep as quickly as you’d like. However, starving also should not happen: if the stomach is empty, you will increasingly disturb the thought of checking the contents of the refrigerator. It is not forbidden to have a light dinner and a half to two hours before bedtime. This can be a cup of yogurt and warm milk with a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon. However, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and coffee should be avoided, it is possible they will help you get to sleep, but do not go to extremes.

Drink herbal tea

Hypnotic action has plants such as hops, valerian, mint, lemon balm, motherwort. Decoctions of herbs can be taken not only at night but also during the second half of the day. They help to relieve emotional stress before bedtime.

Put medical pillow at your head

It is made of loose cotton and stuffed with inflorescences of hops. Volatile fumes from substances soothe the nervous system.

Method of special forces

Lie on your back, close your eyes and try to relax. Put your hands at your sides, palms up. When having closed eyelids roll your eyes upward. Consider this position of the eye natural during sleep.

Water procedures

For one it will be helpful to get a warm bathroom before going to bed, the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. In the water, you can add pine extract, series or lime color. Take a bath three times a week for 10 minutes. For some people, it is enough 3-5 treatments for the sleep to normalize. Many prefer to take foot baths.

As you can see, there’re ways to combat insomnia. By downloading Dan’s manual, you’ll be able to fall asleep and it is guaranteed without any problems every night. I wish you strong and interesting dreams. Thank you for attention! Until next time on my website.

The Simple Sleep Protocol by Dan Ritchie

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