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How can you build muscle without chemicals? How can you keep building muscle after you’ve reached your natural, physiological ceiling? What is important in an all-natural workout? Today we will talk about natural bodybuilding. On this webpage, you will find a link to download Kyle Leon’s book for muscle building without chemicals called “Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer”. Let’s begin! What is the difference between a natural and steroid training used by bodybuilders?

The main difference is the impact that steroids have on the DNA of cells, in terms of protein synthesis. The process is faster and occurs to a greater extent in those that use anabolic steroids, than in those that exercise naturally. What does this do to a steroid user? A faster healing rate of workout torn muscles.

Overcoming the “physiological ceiling”

Steroid users can work out more often. Because of the greater stimulation of the given receptors, the process of adaptation (growth) happens more quickly. A regular person’s response to stress (workouts) is the production of a certain amount of anabolic hormones that do everything that anabolic steroids do but in greatly decreased amounts. Growth is also limited by this and will be slow. Steroid users feel the effects at much quicker rates. This leads to great progress.

Besides that, when a person approaches the “physiological ceiling” of muscle size and strength, further progress almost stops and continues at a much slower pace due to the limited amount of natural hormones. It’s like blowing up a balloon from a single breath.

If a person’s lungs can accommodate, say, 3 liters of air, filling them with air doesn’t make it so the person doesn’t need to breathe again. It is the same with muscle growth; once they reach a certain physiologically natural size, they stop growing. How can you overcome this? There are two ways:

  • Increase the “size of your lungs” (amount of hormones in your blood)
  • After breathing out, pause, and breath in again (called sports periodization)

The number of hormones can be increased and needs to be increased, through a natural method. It is also necessary to “pause” and “breathe in again”. This is exactly what I’ve mentioned before: PERIODIZATION. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Load progression

Load progression is the foundational factor of growing muscle size and strength. Sometimes, people don’t see results for years in their bodybuilding endeavors because they don’t have natural load progression (they always work out with the same weights).

Why is progression so important for a natural bodybuilder? Because the only progression guarantees the high level of training stress that is necessary for the production of anabolic hormones in the amount necessary for muscle growth.

If you read the previous issues, then you should know that more stress (heavier weights) force the muscles to adapt to them (grow). But this is the external factor. Internally, load progression stimulates the hormones of the correct DNA segments to synthesize proteins in the cell.

If a person has a typical training weight (without progress), then his body will develop a “typical” amount of hormones that won’t be enough to synthesize protein in the cell. Basically, it is very important for a natural bodybuilder to increase their training weight!

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer by Kyle Leon

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