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Dear boys and men, dear visitors of my website! Who has not dreamed of having the perfect six-packs? Dreams dreams, but without any action from your side, you won’t get it. Where to start? To get started, definitely download the guide by Brian Klepacki. It presents a very effective method of abdominal muscles pumping. Also, please read some useful tips on the abdominals.

Get rid of the fat

Let’s start with the fact that, if you have fat hanging on the sides and belly, then pumping it will be let’s say not easy. You may develop abdominal muscles, but no one will see it. First of all, give up on beer and harmful food.

Keep your press

The next step – learn how to keep the press. Wherever you are, constantly keep the press caught. At some point, you get used to doing it and already unconscious. Ability to keep gives a good visual result, as well as pumps up your abdominal muscles.

Do what is effective, not what is convenient

The press has the upper blocks, there is a center, there is a bottom. When the upper cubes are well developed, bottom ones droop — and it is, to put it mildly, ugly. To make press inflated harmoniously, you need to do a variety of exercises, most of which we do not like to do. In the first place – it’s the rise of the legs in the vise on the bar.

If your hands are not strong enough, you can do it in a vise on your elbows. You can use not only the rails but also special supports. It will not be as effective as the full vise, but still good. For those who do not have such a possibility, it would be good to rise the legs while lying on the floor or sitting on the couch.

Work on the number of repetitions

Do not try to do two or three repeats – do the maximum possible amount. Let time determine your load – pump press for 5, 10, 20 minutes or more. In Los Angeles, I went to the pump group press. For an hour we were doing exercises on abdominal muscles. These muscles like time. Not effort, but time. Are you watching TV? Lie down on the floor and do any non-amplitude exercises that do not require much effort, until the end of the film.

Forget the old rules

Previously, we were told that the press needs to be pumped at full amplitude. Until now, one can see many guys who bend the whole body, to their knees. In fact, enough to tear off the floor only to the blade. In the second phase of the recovery, when you’ve got up your abdominal muscles, do not work.

Better to do 100 lifts, off the floor only to the upper torso than 10 times fully up to your whole body. Efficiency increases if you raise your legs at the same time higher – to lean them against the wall, sofa, or any blank, located at a height. A more efficient way is just to raise them and keep.

Crunchless Core by Brian Klepacki

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