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One of the things the US military is known for is the creation of ultra-modern high-precision weapons. They also pay a lot of attention to preparing soldiers because it is believed that, despite all progress in military technology, you still can’t avoid the ground manpower in battle.

Among the most advanced schools and courses, which prepare special operations teams are: Ranger School, basic naval intelligence courses, special ops qualification course, training courses, and the underwater saboteurs’ special forces “Delta” unit. Do you want to get as ripped as a commando? Download Todd Lamb’s book SpecForce Alpha. This is the best fitness guide for now!

When it comes to Ranger school, historically they appeared on US territory way back in 1756. The founder was Major Rogers from Britain. The main objective for Ranger units was battle against the Indians, as regular troops were not able to handle them. The modern history of Rangers began during the Second World War when it was formed into five battalions.

Today, all the Rangers are apart of the 75th regiment of the armed forces of the United States, which has an estimated 1830 people and consists of 3 battalions. Each battalion has three combat and one Staff company. The main objective of “black berets” is to conduct subversive activities in the assault near the enemy’s rear, so the training they get should be applicable.

In order to become a Ranger, you must take special courses, which last 72 days. The main objective of these courses is to train the commander of the assault team, who will be able to act decisively, even in extremely difficult conditions in the field.

The entire program is to test the strength, endurance, and courage of the candidates. It contains elements such as push-ups, sliding a rope on a given distance, performing of more than 35 gymnastic-speed exercises, rappelling from a platform and then jumping into the water from a seven-meter height, swimming in equipment and uniform, overcoming the beam located on the a height of 20 meters, and rappelling off a cliff.

In addition, students have to cover a distance of 3.2 kilometers in less than 12 minutes, throughout four days and make the same amount of forced marches length of 10 kilometers of cross-country with a load of 18 kilograms and 20 kilograms (by two shots). Therefore the norm for each forced march is only 1.5 hours.

The course is divided into several stages. The first phase has a duration of 338 hours. Initially, candidates undergo an initial training in orienteering, physical training, working with radio, adjusting the air and artillery fire, demolitions, and first aid.

The mountain training stage lasts 309 hours. The focus this time is on mastering the art of rock climbing and long passages through the mountains.

The third stage lasts 376 hours. At this time, the students learn to conduct combat operations and detect the locations of enemy forces, reserves, and nuclear missiles. During the duration of the course, soldiers break into pairs. According to experts, this should contribute to the successful overcoming of obstacles and create a spirit of mutual support.

The test-taking course ends. Those who have successfully passed all the tests (which is usually about half of all the candidates), the ranger receives a certificate and a golden-yellow-black patch with the inscription «Ranger», and a black beret.

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