Warfit Combat Conditioning

How can you strengthen your body? Making your body more strong is quite an important moment. If you have a strong body and strong muscles, this will allow you to successfully attack the enemy. You will be able to somehow take a punch. Well, it is primarily cool to have a strong body. You can just go act in a movie. Jon Haas is so cool in his physical development that he decided to open to everyone the unique method of strengthening your body and muscles to unrealistic parameters.

Are you still tormented by the question of how to strengthen your body? Well, first you need to do physical training. This is the first step in strengthening the body. Physical fitness is the first level, so to speak. This includes stretching, relaxing, adjustable tension of muscles. As a result, you get a bone-muscular corset, which will be able to take a punch. Pay attention, not “will take “, but “will be able to take”.

The goal of physical training is to bring the muscles in tone and strengthen your body. With the proper choice of exercises and the observance of the principle of gradualism, the stable results appear in two to three years. Stable results are the results that will not disappear if you quit training for a couple of years. The idea is not that you will quit training. But the idea is that your body will receive a certain margin of safety that will gradually disappear if you don’t support it.

The margin of safety can be firmly set in approximately two to three years. So, after doing complicated power exercises within two to three years, you will be able more or less to do it in two years, even if you have quit training. Again, the point is not to quit.

But the point is that over time the new state of your body will be stable with regular physical training. Attention — the question “how can you strengthen the body” cannot be solved by using “bodybuilding”. Built muscles are not a sign of a strong body. Strengthening of the body can be accompanied by them. But it is not necessarily. Muscle building and muscle tone are two different things. In general, go for it, friends!

Warfit Combat Conditioning by Jon Haas

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