Muscle Imbalances Revealed

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – PDF book download! The question of the day is: “How can you continue to motivate yourself even when you have the urge to give up or cheat on your diet plan?”. Here are a couple of things you need to really think about. Why are you dieting? Is it because you love yourself and want to see yourself be healthier, feel better, and look better because you deserve it? Or is it because you hate your body and need to see changes quickly or it won’t be worth it?

This is an incredibly important realization. It is natural to. Everyone has things they wish they could change, but hating yourself doesn’t bring motivation, it brings discouragement, depression, and self-hate. If you are doing this because you love yourself and want to treat your body with the respect you deserve, it will bring self-love, encouragement, strength, sustainability, and motivation. By the way, using fitness system Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 aka MIRL3 you’ll discover the missing piece to your exercise box. I highly recommended Rick Kaselj’s PDF guide to everyone!

I’m not saying you need to be a narcissist. Remain humble, but always know that you are worthy of self-respect. You need to make this a lifestyle if you want it to truly work. The only way you can make that happen is to love what you do. Now once you realize that you don’t have to hate yourself into the body you want, we need to take a look at your diet plan.

What does your diet plan consist of? Is it super-restrictive? Is it sustainable? Do you ever have the option of eating with your family on holidays? If you don’t have some sort of flexibility in your diet, you are bound to fail at some point. You will cheat on your diet if you have zero cheat days and are forcing yourself to only eat 1,000 calories a day. That is a plan for failure, not a lifestyle. Change the way you think about food. Food is fuel. Not comfort. So when you are getting a super bad chocolate craving, make sure you have healthy alternatives on the deck or fit something sweet into your macros, if your plan allows it!

Meal Preparation

The main excuse for cheating on a diet is convenience. I am guilty of this myself. But… if I would have had my meals prepped and ready, I wouldn’t have failed! Nobody likes cooking 5+ times a day when you work, and just plain busy… so always be prepared! I actually love cooking in bulk to prep food for several days, because there’s way less clean up time if you don’t have to dirty every pan multiple times a day! Be ready with healthy snacks and even take a small cooler with you, if you know you will be out and about for a good portion of the day! Your future physique will thank me later!!

Reward Yourself

No, I ’m not talking about eating ice cream after every workout because you, “earned it.” Save up your money and when you hit a personal record or reach a goal weight, buy yourself a new pair of gym shoes, or a new workout playlist off of iTunes, or new clothes to fit your new kick a** body! Don’t forget, “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” – Thomas Jefferson.

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