Muscle Imbalances Revealed

The main goal of bodybuilding is to build a perfect body. To do this, you need to rain enough muscles. This is possible only with proper nutrition and competent strength training. One can achieve their goal quite quickly, and the others try to build their muscles for years, but the result is far from perfect. There are many reasons for such slow progress. If your nutrition is healthy and your recovering is well, but still you feel you gain very slowly, then, perhaps, there are following reasons of your slow progress.

A Large Number of Isolating Exercises

Isolating exercises are quite easy and enjoyable to do. After such exercises, many people feel a decent “pump” as their muscles are filled with blood and become larger visually. However, this is only a temporary phenomenon. Remember, that only basic (multi-jointed) exercises help you gaining muscle mass. They should be the major part of your training program. Moreover, if you have only started, then exclude isolating exercises from the training program altogether. By the way, using fitness system Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 aka MIRL3 you’ll discover the missing piece to your exercise box. I highly recommended Rick Kaselj’s guide to everyone!

Constant Change of Training Program

Some athletes change their program having worked for a couple of weeks. The reason of this change they call the lack of visible results. Moreover, they do it every month. To understand whether this or that training program works for you, you need to work out on it for about 8-10 weeks. If during this time, you do not see any increase in strength, and you do not see changes in the body, only then it can be changed. However, if you change them too often, it will be difficult for you to understand whether it works for you or not.

Working With the Same Weights, With the Same Number of Repetitions

The progression of stresses is the only way to get muscles to grow. At least once in 2-3 weeks it is necessary to increase the working weight, or the number of repetitions. If you don’t have variations, you’ll have no result for years.

Fear of Heavy Basic Exercises

Sometimes athletes are afraid of such exercises as squats with a barbell and deadlift. They consider them traumatic and replace them with lighter exercises. In fact, the injury can be obtained only if you do not follow the correct technique. Moreover, in the terms of gaining muscle mass, they are the most effective.

Many young people, who decide to enroll in the gym, have a lack of their own weight. However, sometimes it happens that months, and even years of intense training do not bring the desired result. Even if they have properly training, eating, and observing the regime, the body of such athletes remains lean. These people are often called hard gainers.

First, you need to check your health. Diagnose your body. Perhaps, the body weight does not increase due to any health problems. If you found any problems, then first you need to eliminate the cause, otherwise no effective methods will help. If you are healthy, then remember the following:

  • If you have been training for some time, then most likely you have heard and read that you need to eat often. It is usually recommended to have a meal for 5-6 times a day, in small portions. However, thin people tend to have a fast metabolism, and frequent meals only accelerate it.
  • Therefore, if you cannot gain weight, then you need to act exactly the opposite. You should eat 3 times a day with quite large portions. In such number of meals, it is quite possible to put the recommended amount of protein.
  • Eliminate or minimize caffeinated beverages as they speed up metabolism. If you like tea, then do not brew it too strong and try to limit yourself to the morning portion.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 by Rick Kaselj

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