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Sometimes our life gives us bad surprises in the form of domestic, industrial injuries or sudden health complications. By applying first aid timely and skillfully, one can greatly facilitate the further condition of the affected before the arrival of the ambulance. And in case of major disaster or war in the place where you are living now, you can’t do anything without the Survival MD program.

By reading it you will know everything that you need about healing and first aid for all the situations when it’s impossible to go to a hospital. Dr. Radu Scurtu’s guide is really amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to protect the health of his or her family. Below you can find several tips about first aid techniques.

How to give first aid after an electric shock

You need to turn the power in the premises off. Then you need to inspect an injured person. If there’s no sign of breath or heartbeat you need to perform chest compressions and artificial respiration. Then you need to find at least two burns on the body of the injured person and cover them with a sterile napkin. The injured person has to be hospitalized as soon as possible.

First aid after wounds

You need to stop bleeding in case of any wound and besides, you need to sanitize the wound and protect it. You can make it by using simple aseptic bandage from roller-bandage or a clean kerchief. In a perfect situation, you need to have a first aid kit, which will provide you with all medicaments for first aid.

First aid after a dislocation

You need to fix an injured limb without changing its position by putting a reinforcing bandage or splint (you can use roller-bandage to fix an arm to a body). It can be useful to apply ice or a wet and cold towel to the place of dislocation. After that, you need to take the injured person to the nearest hospital.

First aid after fractures

Firstly you need to provide rest to the injured person. Independently to the type of fracture (open or closed) you need to apply a splint (any solid object) to provide maximum immobility of the place of fracture. At the same time, you need to call an ambulance to transport the injured person to a hospital.

First aid after unconsciousness

Firstly you need to place an affected person on any flat surface such way that head is lower than a body in order to make proper blood access, turning the head to any side. Then you need to provide fresh air access and unfasten any constricting clothing. After then you need to spray his or her face with water or wipe with a wet towel if it’s possible to let the affected person breathe in the fumes of ammonia. If you don’t see any signs of a pulse or the person in unconsciousness for more than 5 minutes – immediately call an ambulance.

First aid after cooling

The first thing that you need to do is to warm up a person by giving him or her hot and sweet tea, coffee and hot food. It can be more than enough in light cases. In cases of severe cooling, you need to make a hot bath and call a doctor.

First aid after burns

Independently to the type burns you need to remove any clothing from burnt surfaces. Then you need to put it into cold water for 10 minutes or cover it with a wet and cold towel. After that, you have to call a doctor.

Survival MD by Dr. Radu Scurtu

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