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Tattoo – a sign of a rebellion and eccentricity, the ability to stand out in a crowd, at least, because of their permanent status that’s how most are like drawings on the body. Perhaps that is why many girls wish to get a tattoo. Someone – does, someone is going to compromise on wearable pictures – temporary tattoos. Tattoo – is an art form, a manifestation of individuality, a way out of the depression, a change of fate.

By marking pattern on the body, you gain permanent protector, non-removable amulet. In addition, the tattoo can cover the scar, or other skin blemishes, to increase self intimate interest,  to leave the memory of any period of life, or a person. You can also indicate that you are – a part of a particular social group hierarchy. And just a beautiful tattoo emphasizes your femininity and sexuality. We will give special energy, cheer up!

So you’ve decided to get a tattoo. To start, decide – why you need it. If initially, you are going to do your tattoo, and if not the first, the second question is: “How is it possible to deduce?” – That cannot be rushed. Because the tattoo remains for life. Decided. Which pattern to choose?

Most often bought hieroglyphs. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to download the collection of drawings Tattoo Me Now. Among 7200+ pictures, you will definitely find an option tattoo at its discretion. There are purely women’s preferences – butterflies, elves, flowers, hummingbirds. There are men – wolves, tigers, scorpions. Place tattoo – the fruit of imagination of the client and professionalism of expert.

Tattooing is better done under the watchful eye of a professional, that is the beauty salon or tattoo salon. Find a good master is quite difficult. The most ideal option – an acquaintance. If this is not possible, rummage on the Internet, read the forums, see reviews, just walk through the streets.

You saw the sign: go, ask to look on works, browse portfolio. If the style and technique fit – this is your master. Sometimes it happens that you call on the phone, talking to a person and you realize: it suits you. Whether the voice has some magic, or something else.

Master should be, if not certified artist, then at least have a sense of beauty. Because of the tattoo – kind of avant-garde art. An important factor is also pigments. They consist of paint (organic and inorganic substances of natural origin, for example, umber, sienna, ocher, ultramarine, carbon black, etc.) and the base, which turns the paint into the material  (fats, alcohol, sorbitol, water). Pigments may be liquid or creamy. Mix dyes from different manufacturers not worth it.

To not have brought the infection, have a disposable needle and a tip (or module). They have to be in a closed, sealed container. Also, the master must give you a container with a pigment (looks like a tube for a single injection).

Tattoo Me Now by Eric Hartman

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