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How to have sex with a girl on the very first evening after meeting her? Every single young man asked this question himself. Everything is very easy (or almost easy). There are several important rules, which can’t be ignored. The main rule of a real macho is to select the correct aim. You have to choose your object of desire, keeping in mind your own skills. First, you have to understand who’s going to be your aim.

And you don’t want to spend more money than you can use to hire a prostitute. So, it’s time to choose a place where you are going to hunt. You need to choose a proper dress if you are going to a disco, bar or restaurant.

A kitty cat who wants to be taken can’t stay unnoticed. Such girls will agree to have sex with you very easy, but only if you can find the right way and catch the passion in her eyes. In order to catch it, you have to know how it looks. Firstly, all women tend to use an evaluating sight, when they are looking from the top to the bottom.

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It’s commonly believed that during the very first three minutes of knowing each other, a man and a woman are unconsciously evaluating each other in the aspect of breeding. In other words, they are trying to understand if they can sex with this partner or not.

The following conclusion is considered to be correct. Any time when you meet a girl (it doesn’t matter if she comes alone or with a boyfriend), you are having some kind of a pause before you decide whether you want to continue talking or stop it. Such a pause lasts exactly around three minutes. However, you can get consent even from a busy girl. Your attitude and appearance really mean a lot. Everything depends on your skills and knowledge.

Try to ask yourself, why people are going to entertainment areas? If you forget about family couples (even though we can’t be totally sure), other boys and girls are going there to meet someone and maybe some of them want to finish the evening in someone’s bed. It all depends on your luck.

But if you both know that you have the same aim, why would you be so stubborn? The answer is simple. People want to get crazy money or free snacks at the expense of other people. Pretty and adorable girls love to use their beauty, which excites male reproductive organs. I want to share one secret. All girls are using a previously created plan. All their actions are premeditated. So if you want to get her, you have to destroy her initial plan. As people say, you have to rip her mindset full of prejudice.

Imagine that you have already found a proper candidate and you want to move to a more intimate place. So, what can you do to have sex with her on the very first evening? The answer is pretty easy. You have to show that you are an incredible person, with a lot of confidence, power and she will have an unforgettable night full of sex with you.

In order to complete this task, you need to make her head spin by 200%. She has to look at you as a small girl at her toy, which she was waiting for a year. However, I really recommend you to talk about sex only when you understand that such a girl really wants that. I wish you good luck! Thank you for your attention!

Text God by Fabian Derossi

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