The Badass Body Blueprint

Athletes with low power, narrow shoulders, long arms, and generally thin have a body type of ectomorphs. They have fairly small joints that severely limit the range of sports for them, but their advantage is in their endurance. A striking example of ectomorphs is distance runners. They do not have problems with excess weight and body fat. This is due to a perfect metabolism.

The problem for this type of athlete will probably become an unwanted weight loss, or if by any chance they miss a meal or start to eat low-calorie food. The main goal for ectomorph in the gym is to set a muscle mass. It should be noted that you do not become like endomorphs, which by its nature is “big”. Therefore, you won’t become a bouncer, but to work out relief for you, perhaps, will be easier than for anyone else. To build muscles a thin one guy will have to work out very hard and eat properly.

There’s a special diet designed for you that will allow you to gain some muscle mass during training. An example of a training program for ectomorphs can be found in the guide by Peter Tzemis. What exercises are suitable for thin people? Firstly, you should minimize the load and anaerobic exercise. The base is everything. Basic exercises (deadlift, bench press, etc.) do an excellent job with the task of gaining lean muscle.

Secondly, you are lucky and you won’t need to observe any strict diet, such as for endomorphs and ectomorphs, so you can literally eat any food. The main thing is that you eat enough and not less. In short, download Peter’s manual already now and start pumping muscles properly already today! Good luck guys!

The Badass Body Blueprint by Peter Tzemis

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