The Beta Switch Diet

How can you lose weight at home without consulting doctors and trips to the gyms? The answer is simple – The Beta Switch system by Sue Heintze. With the help of this guide, I managed to achieve amazing results in just a few weeks. Before you start studying, let us consider the standard recommendations from nutritionists for proper weight loss.

Slowly digestible carbs Instead of quickly digestible carbohydrates. Easily digestible carbohydrates, which women use often, are sweets mostly. Many can’t imagine their life without sweets. But it is possible to replace the same halva or condensed milk with fruits, which can be not less but even more delicious. And the best of all is their small caloricity.

That is, fruits can be eaten in large quantities, but only in the first half of the day, as recommended by gynecologists. Also, sugar can be replaced with much more useful honey. Researches show that eating honey in moderation does not lead to fatness. Honey can be added to any dish, but only when the temperature is below 60 degrees, as mineral elements in this product will be destroyed at a higher temperature.

Don’t eat bread. In Russia, it is customary to eat with bread absolutely everything, not just entrees. But bread is also a lot of calories. It is better to exclude bread from your diet. If the exclusion is impossible to replace it with rye bread at least and even better with crisp bread. Crisps are made of whole wheat flour and rich in fiber. Thus, crisp bread satisfies hunger better.

Eat not more than 200 grams of food for 1 meal. You should purchase special scales for weighing food to control your appetite. Do not snack sweet, flour or baked products. Generally, a person normally should eat 5 times a day. Then a strong sense of hunger in between meals does not occur. If still hungry, drink a glass of sour milk, yogurt, you can make smoothies or any other fermented milk drink with added fruits

Do not eat fried and smoked food. Steam or bake, you can stew also. Do not cook foods with animal fats, do not add to it butter and stuff. You can cook only with vegetable or olive oil. Incidentally, these measures for older people are perfect prevention of atherosclerosis, as bad cholesterol is mainly found in animal fats.

Eat more vegetables. And don’t fill them with mayonnaise or sour cream, but with a drop of olive or vegetable oil. Add low salt. Even from a small assortment of vegetables, you can cook delicious salads. Not to mention vegetable stews, braised and baked meals. By the way, vegetables can be eaten at any time of the day or even late at night, unlike fruits that contain large amounts of fructose.

With regard to physical activity, the important thing here is moderation. It is not worth doing exercises, figuratively speaking, before losing momentum. You know when to stop. Keep workouts short, lasting 15-20 minutes, but regular. Ideally, you need to do exercises once a day. Note that you can increase your physical activity only if you eat right. When fasting, you will not have enough energy to do exercise.

Well, are you ready to lose weight right? You only need to download Sue’s manual and examine it carefully. Pull yourself together and follow the simple rules of this program.

The Beta Switch Diet System by Sue Heintze

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