The Domination Principle

You were friends for many years, but only now you realize that she is, perhaps, the girl of your dreams! How from a good friend of becoming a passionate lover? Not so simple as it seems! Therefore, I strongly recommend you to download the guide by Michael Haines. With this system, you will achieve exactly this goal. And without it, I do not know… You will 100% do a lot of mistakes and so will remain just a good friend for the girl you love. The choice is yours, cowboy!

Any girl separates all the men into two categories: you become her friend or her boyfriend. And as soon as the man falls into one of the categories, it is not perceived otherwise. If you want to seduce a girl-friend, you will need Michael’s dating guide. Remember, before you decide on this, you need to weigh the “pros” and “cons.” If everything does not go as you planned, you can lose the girl forever.

Do you still have a desire to try? Then evaluate your chance and start an offensive. But you will not need to resort to various tricks to find out her interests. You already know everything you need: what men she likes, and what attracts her in them, because you are her best friend.

The first thing to do is to gradually start to behave with her as her boyfriend, but without commitment, without stress. Begin to behave like a gentleman: during a walk offer her a hand, open the door for her, make random compliments. The main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll just scare her away.

Begin to flirt with her, but do it gradually and not very noticeable. Otherwise, she will not look at you as a friend, but as at some horny teenager. Start with the most simple: hold your gaze longer on her, usually pay attention, good-naturedly tease her and try to make her laugh.

And then, after a while, you can add into flirtation elements that are used to attract a girl. Your advantage is that you, being for a while her friend already knows her very well, and if she does not like something, you can quickly improve. Moreover, she won’t immediately give up on you, because you are friends, so there is a chance.

How to break the physical barrier between you and a woman? Casual touches will help you. In fact, you’ve already done it, without even realizing it. Surely you gave her an arm or escorted to a place in the cinema and so on. Now try to touch her hand while talking, play with her hair or put your hand on her back. Such actions will help to get closer to her.

Changes in appearance and behavior will help the girl to see you in a new light. New clothes and a new hairstyle to attract her attention, and if you start standing more confidently in her presence, she will definitely start thinking about changing your category. All these steps are only a preparation to ensure that the push for a girl to rethink your relationship is getting closer. Unfortunately, on this page, I can not open all the secrets of seducing women by Mike Haines. But do not worry, dear reader. If you download this book, your success is guaranteed!

The Domination Principle by Michael Haines

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