The Obsession Formula

Many guys want to know how to make a girl love and run for you. In fact, to achieve such a result there are some tips and methods. But their use is not desirable in selfish and egoistic purposes. One of the best techniques of seducing women described in Ned’s book The Obsession Formula. It is guaranteed that you will be able to seduce any girl.

Use this method if you really like the girl and you love her, but she does not feel anything to you. In this article, you will read a few tips on how to make a girl chasing and trying to seduce and please you. The girls are doing everything unconsciously because they are closer to the spiritual world than the guys. Accordingly, they are under greater control of the spiritual world.

Mainly, guys are the ones whom girls seduce, but you have to start with a seducing a girl if you want to force her to chase you. Your task is to make sure that the girl came first to meet you, the first kiss you, offered to go on the date. To do this, you need to reduce your affection to the girl and become a little bit colder.

Do not be cruel just show her that you are more suited to it than the rest of the guys who are running behind her. Be special, not like others and then a girl will find you and will chasing you until you return the feelings.

You need to stop chasing other girls if you want to make a girl chasing you. You are not achieving anything in life if you are running around them. The girl needs a strong man – a leader who can provide and defend. So if you want that girl chasing you – stop yourself from chasing her, start to developing yourself in both ways – spiritually and physically, achieving success in life. She chooses the best guy and gives herself to him. To become the best among the best, and then in your life will appear, girl, which you do not have to chase.

If you want to push a girl to chase you, you have to play your own game – you need to make her, not you to chasing you. If you want to achieve that stop making other guys mistakes. They are so much that even stop thinking. They start giving too many gifts to the girl. In the end, she stops thinking seriously about them.

Also, they start calling girls and spend too much time and money. All this is unnecessary things for a girl because she needs someone whom she will appreciate as he is, to whom will not need to buy too many gifts, money or attention. The best gift for the girl is the guy with whom she will be pleased to sit and talk. Everything else is “mainstream”.

Good girls choosing strong guys and weak guys are having relations with “easy girls”. You need to become strong and respectable men if you want to make a girl chasing you; your appearance, character, and success must push her to respect and seduce you. If you fulfill all this – you will see how your life will change and is easy to make her chase you.

The Obsession Formula by Ned Johnson

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