The DUP Method

The program of strength training in the gym is slightly different from the one that is prepared to increase the volume of muscles. It is based on three main types of exercises: squat with a barbell, bench press and deadlift. It is important that the weight of the sports equipment is 85% of the maximum mass that you can lift in a separate exercise.

Thus in each repeat it is necessary to carry out on 5-7 repeats. The last repeat is performed at the limit of possibilities. Rest between repeats should also be a little longer than usual — at least 3 minutes. Before you start training, you should carefully warm up and work a little with an empty bar.

To the main program, you can add additional exercises for those muscle groups, the development of which is important for you. As you have already understood, the main difference between strength training from the rest types of trainings is the intensity of the approaches and the stress on the muscles. It is important to do strength exercises slowly with few repeats and with long pauses. When you work on the muscle definition, the reverse scheme is applied.

Since you have been practicing on the bar for a long time, it means that you work with your own weight mainly. Moreover, even if you attach a belt with an additional load to yourself during repeats, it means that the stress on your muscles is within certain limits. Horizontal bars and bars are a great way to get your body in good shape, develop strength and flexibility.

Moreover, despite the fact that street trainings guarantee decent strength performance, it will still be lower than the powerlifters have, as they work with iron in the gym. Moreover, of course, it is impossible to develop strength without proper nutrition. Eat more protein food, but do not forget about carbohydrates. Big stress on your body requires the replenishment of necessary elements.

We recommend adding some porridge of buckwheat and brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, fish, chicken, bananas into your diet. Do not forget that meat contains much protein too. Some nutritionists recommend fish oil daily in such cases. Your physical shape is not only the result of hard work in the gym, but it also shows your lifestyle in general, including diet, sleep, proper rest and activity throughout the day. More information about strengthening your physical energy, you can read in the other book on this topic.

The DUP Method by Eric Bach

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