The Hidden Door To Healing

Pain in the lower back bothers up to 80% of the people. And, in recent years not only elderly people suffer from this disaster but the youth too. According to statistics, it is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor after a cold and SARS. While, among the reasons for hospitalization, acute back pain takes the seventh place with “pride”.

By the way, by downloading the guide by Amy Clarke, you will discover a unique method of getting rid of the pain in the neck and back at home. I recommend! Because osteoarthritis can disturb not only the loin. 46% of the people appear to have pain in the lower cervical and 29% – in the upper cervical spine. Much less suffers the thoracic – it accounts for only 2%.

There’re a lot of factors that provoke the emergence of back pain. In addition to heredity, physical inactivity, obesity, and muscle weakness, it includes high growth and the presence of a large abdomen (such constitution is overloading the lower back), and for women, the risk factor is also the presence of large breasts (in this case, the thoracic spine will suffer).

Bad service can be rendered by bad habits (smoking, alcohol) and transferred infections – they reduce the body’s defenses. It plays a role and occupation. So, at risk are people who are engaged in heavy physical labor, as well as all those who have to spend a lot of time on their feet (hairdressers, teachers, salesmen).

But even “sedentary” work is also no better. The absence of motor load leads to muscle atrophy, which is why they fail to fulfill their primary task – to maintain the body in a certain position. During a prolonged sitting, the blood supply and venous drainage of the lower limbs worsens. In addition, increased pressure in the spinal canal and increased intracranial pressure reflexively. That is why you can not sit for more than two hours without harming your back. After that, it is necessary to change the position of the body – at least go for a little walk, or do some exercise.

And finally, the most difficult to account for the spine when standing, bending forward. The greatest risk occurs with simultaneous tilt and while rotating the body to one side, especially when there’s something heavy in the hands. So, it is very important to learn how to wear heavy luggage. Rather than lean, it’s better to bend your knees and, slightly crouching, lift the load. Weight of burden must be equally distributed on both sides, so it is important to accustom ourselves to the fact that it’s better to carry heavy bags in two hands, rather than in one.

If a person suffering from back pain, he/she has to do some serious work (general cleaning in the house, for example), then it is better to put on a special pre-wide leather belt or an orthopedic corset.

If the pain is not in the waist, but in neck or thorax, instead of the belt you will need a special locking collar or armband. These devices will help to stabilize the spine vulnerable and will protect it from the movements that cause pain. However, be aware that fixing bandages and corsets in the absence of special medical conditions should not be worn at all times. The fact that these products, limiting the activity during wearing them regularly can weaken the muscles.

Pain in the back or neck is very unpleasant. This pain brings a lot of discomfort. But do not despair. Just download the treatment program from Amy C. Her method of treatment is rather unconventional but very effective. I am very glad that now there is an opportunity to deal with unpleasant pains in the neck and back by alternative methods. Drugs and injections only disguise the causes of pain. Thank you!

The Hidden Door To Healing by Amy Clarke

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