The Millionaire’s Brain

Do you think becoming a successful and completely happy person is totally impossible? You are wrong! The Millionaire’s Brain system has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Before you download this guide, please read these tips which can help you to start changing your life for the better, early as tomorrow. The human brain is in the constant working process, and sometimes it is very difficult to single out any specific desires and goals.

People think that they do not have any plans and because of that they are wasting time on useless TV shows or just getting bored and doing nothing and then suddenly remember that they have an urgent task, and start doing work in a hurry, with hands on deck. But there is a category of people who know a way which allows understanding more clearly when and what need to do in order not to waste life for nothing.

Many scientists advise using simple techniques for a more precise understanding of life goals and ways to achieve them. Grab a pen and paper and write all that you want to achieve in life. Write each goal in the new line. You should write both; big achievements and simple goals which you can achieve for example in a couple of days. Do not write sky-fly goals and at the same time, you should not harshly criticize yourself. You should write wishes, which will make you truly happy.

Think carefully about each goal and write the estimated dates to complete them. You should write an estimated year for big achievements and specify the months and days for smaller goals. Now you should take a rest for a few minutes; close your eyes or look at something interesting and relaxing; take a break from your writing.

Then we will start working on each goal. Start from the beginning. Read the name and the time that you have selected for its implementation. Analyze what you need to do in order to achieve that goal and write down assignments with deadlines for each goal.

Follow all actions for each goal indicating the best possible dates for accomplishing them. Now give each goal a number; if you do not have too many goals, then you can paint each goal with a different color.

Write tasks for each goal in order to accomplish them. Now take a new paper and write it in all the tasks and in a hierarchical order; starting from the nearest date. Each task should be numbered or just highlighted with a color assigned to it for a better understanding of what it is intended to.

Do not expect too much from your brain, write and highlight everything related to the goal, even if you think that it is not a smart idea. This operation will help to specify your actions, which you will not be able to pack in the head as you will do that on paper; where you can always see all and information cannot be forgotten.

Now you have a clear life plan; you will always know what to do in case if you really want to achieve something; if you have free time and you are not feeling tired sit-down and analyze all that you need to do now and in the nearest year. If you want to cancel work for another day and there are no actual reasons for it, in that case, do not cancel it, otherwise, you will never reach this goal. And most importantly, remember that the more you achieve that much happier you will feel. Do not throw and believe in yourself.

The Millionaire’s Brain by Winter & Alvin

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