The Siren Solution

How to seduce any man? Learn the unique secrets of seduction from The Siren Solution: Have Him Spellbound For Keeps e-book by Felicity Keith right now! Do you still think that a well-bred girl should not take the initiative and wait for the first steps from the man? Unfortunately, the time of the brave knights has long since passed. Men are tired of being in the first roles, and women’s initiative only pleases them. There is nothing shameful in making the desired man the most. Can you? Of course, if you take the following tips on seducing men.


Play in pronounced sexuality. Dedicated eyes or bright lips will certainly attract the attention of a partner. And unbuttoned upper buttons on the blouse will stir up his imagination. Remember that men are afraid of sexual provocation, you will be interested in it, but not everyone dares to approach. Therefore, act yourself.

Eye Contact

Do not take your eyes off the man you like. “Shoot” them. Play in the “look-alike”. Show with your eyes that you do not mind seclusion, as if accidentally looking at the door of the room and back.

Nobody Canceled Flirting

Flirt with a man, listen carefully, nod and agree. As if accidentally touch it when talking. Ask the right questions, unobtrusively translate the conversation into your preferred channel. You can practice this on your friends and colleagues.


Unfortunately, the seduction of complete sincerity does not require. Something to embellish, flatter, praise you will only be on hand. If the desired object is a busy man, then you have to use all your strength. To look at the most profitable candidate for him is your goal.

Cat and Mouse

Be simultaneously interested and slightly inaccessible, then admit to yourself a man, then slightly repel. A woman who conducts a double game ignites the interest of a man more and more, the instinct of the conqueror awakens in him. It’s a game of passion and cold. A man as a victor and predator by nature will not rest until the representative of the weaker sex surrenders to his mercy.

Watch Your Body

Impeccable posture, gait “from the hip” and the man will at least take you to a look, maybe he will follow you. The ability to own one’s own body, beautifully to dance, will kindle the fire of passion more quickly than anything else.


Men subconsciously reach out to those women with whom they will feel happier. Smiling flirts are much more attractive than dull young ladies. Just do not overdo it, it’s not too difficult to recognize a fake smile.

Create Awkwardness

Stretch to something through his shoulder, squeeze into a crowded elevator with him and “accidentally” touch. If you hug him, try to let him feel the most piquant parts of his body. Create pleasant awkward situations.

We have great power over men, but we often forget about it. The ability to be a woman is a real talent that any woman can develop if she wants to. Seduction skills will be useful both for choosing a partner and for improving self-esteem. And even a married woman should use techniques to seduce her husband. Otherwise, one day she will see him on the street with another girl!

The art of seduction has long been known to mankind and, probably, will never die. In our time, women have become so independent that they want to receive everything at once. This principle works in relation to men. How to seduce any man and make him become yours, at least for a short time, every woman should know. Successful acquaintances, dear women.

The Siren Solution by Felicity Keith

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