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By | November 6, 2018

Mathew Tate - Tooth Defender review authorA beautiful snow-white smile is an important component of a person’s attractiveness. Diseases of the gums have a very negative effect not only on the appearance of the teeth, but also on the overall health of the oral cavity. That is why it is so important to diagnose the problem in a timely manner and undergo a course of treatment. Quite recently a new book, “Tooth Defender“, was published, which presents a very effective technique for the treatment of gum disease at home. Do not miss it! Gingivitis and periodontitis can be classified as the most common diseases of the gums. Preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of gingivitis are the maintenance of oral hygiene. Teeth should be cleaned twice a day, using dental floss if necessary. It is also recommended to use the mouth rinse regularly. It is important to visit the dentist regularly. The timely professional hygiene of the oral cavity will avoid the occurrence of plaque and other local factors that provoke gum disease. Correct and timely hygiene of the oral cavity is the main method of prevention of periodontitis. It is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day, use disinfectant rinses and dental floss if necessary.

Modern methods of removing plaque, used in dental clinics, provide a good preventive effect, ensuring the cleanliness of the oral cavity. Also, the correct diet, which guarantees the consumption of vitamins and beneficial microelements, reduces the risk of periodontitis and other gum diseases. Proper oral care – the main prevention of periodontal disease. It is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day, and if necessary use a dental floss. Pasta and toothbrush are selected individually. Regular visits to the dentist will allow timely detection of the development of periodontal disease and undergo a course of treatment. It is important to pay attention to the diet – it should include foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Timely treatment of systemic diseases of the body, provoking the appearance of periodontal disease, will also help to avoid gum disease in the future. Let your teeth always be healthy and snow-white!

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