The Ultimate Bowling Guide

My friends often ask me how I learned to play bowling so well. And I always reply that The Ultimate Bowling Guide by Dean Show helped me in this. Currently, bowling is not just a sports game, it’s a very fashionable and popular activity. In a bowling club, we go to play, communicate with friends, relax from everyday worries, get acquainted with new interesting people.

But in order to adequately look in the eyes of others, it is superfluous to learn at least the basics of the game. Of course, in order to become a master, you will need more than one practical training, but the basic points can be studied thanks to the theoretical tips from Dean’s manual. It should be understood that bowling is a sport, therefore the form of clothing should be appropriate. During the game, you will have to squat and bend over.

Therefore, the skirt of girls should not be too short, and the trousers of young people – too narrow. You will also need special shoes. As a rule, in a bowling club, such shoes are given for rent. For those who do not want to use public slippers, it is advisable to buy your own pair of soft rubberized moccasins. The main requirement – a rubber sole for better adhesion to the floor and, of course, the lack of heels.

For a successful game, it’s important to choose the right ball. All bowling balls have the same diameter, but at the same time different weights, distinguish them by numbers. According to the masters, the too light ball simply does not reach the required angle to the target, but too heavy will lose in speed. The choice is carried out individually, but according to generally accepted standards, balls that have numbers 1-10 are for girls. Guys choose heavier models. I wish you to beat out as many strikes as possible, dear readers.

The Ultimate Bowling Guide by Dean Shaw

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